Timbaland’s ‘Shock Value II’ Pushed Back

Shock Value II

Super Monday is about to become a little less crowded. Timbaland’s Shock Value II has been pushed back from November 23 to December.

The sequel to 2007′s Shock Value was previously set to go up against Rihanna’s Rated R, Lady Gaga’s The Fame Monster, 50 Cent’s Before I Self Destruct, and Shakira’s She Wolf, among others, on the same day. It will now be released on December 8, Rap-Up.com has learned, facing competition from Gucci Mane, Robin Thicke, Snoop Dogg, Usher, and more.

The album’s first offering, “Morning After Dark” featuring Nelly Furtado and SoShy, is currently No. 71 on iTunes.

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  1. Dsabadmofo

    Good! I’m already about to be broke on Nov. 23 from buying all those damn cd’s. Now I have one more to put off. Yes!lol!



    LOL @ the first comment..

    I don’t think it’ll hurt Still can’t wait ! !


  3. LOL

    sorry but i beats album gonna be a flop… the only winner hear is GAGA. her fan will spend money on her.

    so i bet GAGA COMES 1ST then Rihanna’s Rated R then 30 Cent’s Before I Self Destruct, but only if he be a nice boy.


    LOL Reply:

    @LOL, BET**


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  5. test123

    all the shit he put out from this album so far is wack


    ICCoonery Reply:

    @test123, you need to stab your ear drums out then.

    Have you heard say something with drake, or morning after dark?

    Or are you just a overly salty, jealous hater who has nothing in life, so decides to settle on others sucess?


  6. Jess

    I am like literally DYING for the damn JT tracksssss


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