Video: Ne-Yo – ‘Never Knew I Needed’

Fairy tales do come true in the video for Ne-Yo’s “Never Knew I Needed,” a ballad from the soundtrack to Disney’s animated film The Princess and the Frog: Tiana and Her Princess Friends, in stores November 23. The Melina-directed clip was shot in New Orleans and co-stars a Teairra Mari look-alike.

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  1. LOL

    love it


  2. Gracyn

    hehehe i love this video Ne Yo is so great at singing he is going to go a long way no doubt :D i cant wait to see this movie im going next week!!! hope its great ;)


  3. mikayla

    wow bitch u wasted ur time


    Gracyn Reply:

    @mikayla, dont cuss on here!!!!!!!!!!!!! because thats bad and this is suppose to be fun keep it clean!


  4. Gracyn

    this is so great i love Ne Yo he is a inspiration. no doubt he is like the second M.J {Micheal Jackson}


  5. Gracyn

    hi Patrick but u probably wont see this but i love you!!!!! :) ur cute smile ur cute personality and everything more i had to sit by Jacob at lunch he was carving his name in to his apple


  6. Gracyn

    ne yo princess carving hehe they underline this stuff


  7. Gracyn

    princess is what aleigh thinks she is lol lmao


  8. Patrick

    hi Gracyn shut up no one cares……..about YOU hahaha :]


  9. keyona

    like it saw the movie 2


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