Omarion Dedicates Videos to Michael Jackson

Omarion and Michael Jackson

Any dancer cannot deny the influence of Michael Jackson. One in particular, Omarion, is paying homage to the King of Dance by dedicating his new music videos to him.

The clip for the R&B singer’s first single, “I Get It In” featuring Gucci Mane, will debut next week. He is also working on a video for “Hoodie,” a viral single from his new album Ollusion, due January 12.

“‘Hoodie’ is a viral single. We’re putting it out there for the fans. Both videos ['Hoodie' and 'I Get It In'] are dedicated to Michael Jackson. It’s a mix between ‘Beat It’ and ‘Bad,’” the former B2K member tells

O describes the clip’s dance-heavy premise. “When I pull up, I’m getting out the car, we start choreography and then it keeps going until the end of the video. I’m telling you right now, this is probably one of the dopest videos you’ve seen in a long time because it’s a concept.”

–Reporting by Georgette Cline

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  1. kii

    LOL poor Omarion! he’s trying so hard. LOL


  2. Chancler

    That’s what I’m talkin’ bout!! Put some dance back in Music it’s supposed to be!!


  3. 100% Nikehead

    The preview to I get It In looks bananas i kno the video is gonna be somethin serious.


  4. AAA

    That would be entertaining but if him and chris both try to interract “SCREAM” I’m gonna be over it.


  5. GK

    Clip haz me on edge waitin 2 c watz next!!!! Love Omarion! K.O.D.


  6. Lisa

    I can’t wait to see the full video of “I Get It In.” I always thought he was a better dancer than CB. When CB came out, everyone forgot about O, but now he’s back!


  7. felipe

    michael jacs=-easrt


  8. Maari.

    Omarion é Muito bom LOL
    Sou uma Brasileira que adora as musicas dele!
    queria que ele viesse ao Brasil =/


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