Rap-Up Pumpkin Carving Contest Winners

Michael Jackson Pumpkin

The three winners for Rap-Up.com’s first-ever pumpkin carving contest have been revealed. Brian’s thrilling carving of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, reigns above the competition and scores a T-Mobile Dash 3G smartphone. Check out the second and third place jack-o’-lanterns below.

Kanye West Pumpkin

2nd Place: I’mma let you finish, but Brandon had one of the best Kanye West pumpkins of all time!

Lil Wayne Pumpkin

3rd Place: Adam’s Lil Wayne jack-o’-lantern comes complete with tats, diamonds in his grill, and shades, just like the real Weezy.

Congrats to all the winners and thanks to everyone who entered! Happy Halloween!

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  1. RMBMusicBlog

    the 1st two were amazing…the 3rd ehhh…not so much lol but good job to all 3 :)


  2. Chris

    The first two are works of art. Amazing. The 3rd is the funniest though, it actually looks like Lil’ Wayne. I like all three of them. Well done to everyone for these pumpkin ideas.


  3. eriiclikewhoa

    all of the other ones must of been horrible if Lil’ Wayne got 3rd place! lmao


  4. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    That Michael Jackson Pumpkin Is not even a real pumpkin. You can actually purchase those electric pumpkins joann frabics…or any craft store (& ebay). Atleast with the little wayne contestant they made it from scratch


  5. Brian B.

    I was the one who did the Michael Jackson x Thriller pumpkin, and I am pretty taken back by the accusation of having an electric pumpkin.

    I carved that pumpkin by hand, and it took quite awhile too. And if you are even thinking that that so called “Cord’ in the background is hooked into the pumpkin, it is for my sister’s Blow Dryer on the counter.

    And if you can Google a link for me to purchase a “Michael Jackson Thriller” pumpkin, please do so I don’t have to carve another one and see it rot the next year…

    Thanks again Rap-Up!

    Brian B.


  6. Krystal

    damn, people even hate on pumpkins.

    brian, u deserved to win. nice job!


    Brian B. Reply:

    @Krystal, Thank You…


    RMBMusicBlog Reply:

    @Krystal, lmao ikr!!! people make me sick

    brian that pumpkin is amazing, if i made one mine would be all busted up, my fingers would be cut up and everything haha


  7. ugh

    not everything that is good is fake or photo shopped. damn people why do you always wanna bring people down. i tried to make the same pumpkin cause i had the stencil but mine didn’t work out to well haha so congrats to brian, GREAT JOB!


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