Mariah & Nick’s Heavenly Halloween

Mariah and Nick

Imperfect angel Mariah Carey and her husband Nick Cannon were a match made in heaven at their annual Halloween bash at M2 Ultra Lounge in New York City on Saturday (Oct. 31). “DJ Sexy Fingers” manned the wheels of steel, while guests Rihanna, Ne-Yo, Angie Martinez, DJ Clue, and Ice-T and Coco masqueraded at the costume extravaganza.

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  1. GeeMan

    Glad to see them still in love and enjoying oneanother and having fun in the process.


  2. Simon

    She lost a lot of weight!
    I’m still waiting for the IWTKWLI video!!
    She looks great and she sounds great !
    LOVE U MC!


  3. Fly High

    Im sure the Nick/Carey baby is on the way!


  4. mimi313

    bitch shouldnt dress like that at 40 years old. put some clothes on u slut


    LOL Reply:

    @mimi313, LOOOOOL


  5. AAA

    That’s a good Halloween getup


  6. Jenn

    I can’t wait to dress like that when I’m 40!!!! I got it, I’ll continue to flaunt it. (o= And she got it in that outfit.


  7. Nikka

    They look lovely, great costumes ;)


  8. carla

    This is one of the reasons her album flopped and no one is feeling her anymore- she is too old to be dressing like a floozie—> FAIL!


  9. avi

    It’s halloween people!!! Get over yourselves mariah can dress anyway she wants! Get off he nuts! Some of you ladies mad bcuz she can do stuff like that and you can’t!!! For the record she’s 39!!!


  10. HuNgrY

    I saw them arriving at this party when they exited the limo…Mariah looks great in person


  11. Giselle



  12. tat

    Could she wear things that aren’t so tight and short it just doesn’t look right… I don’t care about her age…her body just isn’t suited for that most of the time- she tries too hard to be sexy ALL the time.

    I’m sure she could have pulled off a classier costume- she should dress for the body she has not the one she wants.


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