Kid Cudi to Appear on Shakira Album

Kid Cudi and Shakira

Shakira is adding to her list of rap collaborators. After recruiting Lil Wayne for her Timbaland-produced single “Give It Up to Me,” she has tapped Kid Cudi for a track on the U.S. edition of her album.

The “Day ‘N’ Nite” rapper appears on the remix to The Neptunes production “Did It Again,” while Pitbull guests on the Spanish remix “Lo Hecho Está Hecho.” A video for the original song was recently released and can be viewed below.

Shakira’s third English album She Wolf lands stateside November 23. Kid Cudi can be seen opening for Lady Gaga’s “Monster Ball” tour beginning November 27 in Montreal, Canada.

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  1. Shipoopi

    When is Pursuit of Happiness coming?!!


    P0p Reply:

    @Shipoopi, right?! Cudi needs to keep the momemtum going with his OWN project. He has the album of the year.

    Anyway it’s a good opportunity for him to be on Shakira’s album. I can’t wait to hear the remix.


  2. Me

    The Lill Wayne & Timbaland Single “Give It Up To Me”, is MUCH better…


  3. Giselle

    Cudster is doing big things. and I agree with #1. That video is taking forever.


  4. Savannah

    if you ask me i think you guys are both need to stop talking about this stupid video and go on youtube and type in “Angela anaconda boo I’m gonna scare you”


  5. jah

    I got pursuit of happiness already.

    get on Vuse main. Download the “STONER CHARM” album from Cudi. It’s absurd.


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