Amerie Celebrates Album Release, Performs on ‘Wendy Williams’


Despite iTunes’ delay in releasing In Love & War yesterday, a fiercely-dressed Amerie still celebrated her fourth album at New York City eatery Philippe Chow on Tuesday (Nov. 3). Watch her perform “Heard ’Em All” on “The Wendy Williams Show” below.

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  1. javonscott



  2. An0thrDream

    Im proud of Amerie – I’m not a hardcore fan but I admire her persistence and ambition. She’s been around for a lil while and she’s still goin hard for it. She sounds great :)


  3. Vaun

    YASSS That Was Cute


  4. tell'em

    GET IT A!!!!!


  5. LaMont

    Not bad!


  6. lame

    that was dry.


  7. Kyle

    Damn those legs! She is so sexy. I have always supported Amerie and of course I went out and bought the album yesterday. Did anyone buy it at Target? It wasn’t even on sale! I can’t remember the last time I spent $15 on a newly released album. Anyway, my favorites are “Higher,” “More Than Love,” and “Pretty Brown.” She has received no promotion, but Amerie should know that she got my coins and I am not disappointed at all. Great album!


    Harvey Reply:

    @Kyle, Should’ve went to Best Buy. They got it for $9.99. Even Walmart has it for $11.88 I believe. I never buy CDs from Target. They’re almost never the cheapeast place to go to purchase someone’s album.


  8. ouchhh!

    ummmmmm that perfromance was boring – she needs to put a lil more umph into it. she seemed nervous. and y is this her first televised performance. damn def jam.

    i just hope her next performance is better than this bc that was average at best…somebody tell her to finder her iner BEYONCE PLEASSSSSSSEEEEE! bc if this was B’s song u better believe the choreography would be way bettter…smh


    100% NIKEHEAD Reply:

    @ouchhh!, Stop mentioning Craponce, She jacked Ameries style, she doesnt want her performance to be like hers in the first place. Im f*ckin tired of people saying, ohh she needs to be like Craponce, oh she doesnt dance like her, fuck outta here with that sh*t!


    2 Buck Reply:

    @ouchhh!, You are a damn idiot she has her own style of performing just like beyonce. Everybody does things in there own way. And lets just say she did pull out her inner beyonce like you wanted i am 100% sure you would have found something wrong with the performance still. Let ppl do what they get paid to do and you do what you get paid to do and i am sure its not singing cause if it is then you shouldn’t talk because she up there on the screen and you are not.


  9. touche

    i thought the performance was real nice. she had that fierce attitude and stance! don’t worry guys. this is her first peformance back and trust that she will bring it in the future. just youtube her past performances, she can definitely put on a good ass show! her album is so damn good! if you don’t have it, pick it up! it’s like crack lol.


  10. WOW!

    her dancers were fuckin hot. amerie was hot too but she needs to be in the same level as them and not let them do all the work! i understand she needs to sing, but have a handless microphone!

    i bought her album yesterday. so worth the money and i RARELY buy albums!


  11. nikeboy1988

    her voice was flat!!!! I know this is wrong- but all i could think about while watching her performance was beyonce would kill this!!!! but she always tries…. the only song i have from her is 1 thing remix with jay-z.


    Ghetto Fab Reply:


    Oh please all B would do is the same couchie pop move in some leotard w/ 2 make believe kelly and michelles in the back lol


    WOW! Reply:

    @Ghetto Fab, LMAO! dead.


  12. hellno

    this was so cute…i like the way she flared her hair


  13. Oshanae

    I love beyonce just as much as the nxt person but Amerie is not Beyonce. Everybody is not Beyonce, Amerie does what she does her album is good will she get the promotion she needs prob not. Stop comparing her Beyonce we know what do, but give Amerie chance her stuff is good and the album is good get it.


  14. Harvey

    Great performance man, for real. She stepped her dancing game up. She’s looking real good too. Too bad Heard ‘Em IS NOT the single that’s gonna put her back on top.


  15. Catie

    I wish she would have performed “Why R U” but i still loved the performance. She needs WAY more promo than this though if she wants her album to sell.


  16. Maya What

    Amerie will be on the Jimmy Kimmel show on Nov. 10th so watch for that.
    Loved the performance this girl rocks can we please stop comparing her to the kid on the block who be snatching chains and sh*t. jacking a** Beyonce!!!!!!!!!


  17. Luel14

    @maya what, bey got better things to do and even if she jacks someone style, it wouldn’t be Amerie. Trust me.


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