Trey Songz

Video: Trey Songz – ‘I Invented Sex’

Trey Songz’ new video for “I Invented Sex” is so risqué it carries a parental advisory warning. Drake, who is featured on the album version of the song, does not appear in the video, but Trey makes up for his absence with his sexy co-star.

  • GunRueCrisTian


  • Deontae

    wow is all i can say… this is going to have dem females roaming

  • ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    wow. after watching that i felt i was involved in a threesome


    lool likes Ushers Trading places

    • kayla

      @ARVEN, its way better than tradin places.cuz usher waz actin like he didnt want it.but with trey songz i think they did something afterwards.

  • darnell

    damn! I’m at work!

  • Ornella

    I like the song, but those less than 10 years do not have to look maybe at this video. Otherwise it’s fine ! Trey Songz I love you baby !

  • Burmy

    If you invented sex, then how did your parents get to producing you?

  • Ornella

    Haha, it is true “BURMY”, if they invented the sex, then how they produced us ? Lol

  • ouchhh!

    he should put up a NSWF advisory…lol

  • Trey Fan


  • jasmine

    i love the song, i don’t think parents would want their kids watching that… go TREY!!

  • Are U Serious?

    Now this is how you do a sex video. Somebody should send this to whoever did Jerimih’s “Birthday Sex” because they didn’t get the memo. A+++ Video they brought the sex

  • nikeboy1988

    THE BEST R&B SINGER IN THE GAME….with the hottest video!!! Whew…

    Because of his collaborations…thats why he’s blowing up right now. But you cannot deny his talent. His strategy is very smart, and there is nothing wrong with that. Who says there is one way to gain star power and clout in the music industry? Look at other artists in the industry and how their high profile collaborations help them achieve. By collaborating, Trey is making high power connections in the game where he will be able to work with more established producers, writers, and featured guest who never even think about Trey. And his label- Atlantic- will throw more dough to him. If he wasnt talented- then it would be a problem. He’s worked very hard, and his work is now finally being noticed because of his high profile collaborations with other artists. Yes his status is growing because of his more recent collaborations. But he deserves it based on his previous hard work and real talent. Shine trey songz shine.

  • nora.DAMN

    all i can say is damn this video is hott!. i like da way they made this video pretty it wasnt jus all ass n tities. they really show da passion for sex =] mami like

  • TREY!!!!

    All I can say is DAMN!!!!!!!!

  • bass_man


  • hellno

    damn my panties are wet…let me press re-play.

    this makes chris brown new video with cassie look like child’s play.

  • Jeni


  • theTruth

    Brilliant! its like he’s playing off that whole sex-tape vibe without it really being an actual sex-tape! His popularity has reached an all time high now, and its pretty much safe to say that he has passed up Mario. Trey did 135k 1st week (and moving) to Mario’s 35k 1st week. And.. Trey is headliner for the the tour that they are both on! BONG!!

  • Robert Lazar


  • DAMN

    oh god i want him to do that to me.
    but i want it .. ROUGHER. LMAOOOOO!

  • MaZ

    Hot video, but I’m not feeling the fact that he looks at the camera while licking the girl leg. Not that natural.

    • kayla

      @MaZ, that waz sexy az i loved

  • Philly11

    OHHH!! my godness…dudes step yall game up..seriously. This video really made me feel sometype of way.

  • queen beyonce

    fore play is the bestest lmfaooooooo

  • Stephonne

    … Gotta go change, lol.

  • joe


    • Robert Lazar

      @joe, so true. so many artists today are playing safe with their video clips and songs. they need bring something new. i have heard so many songs like this one.

  • keke4life

    D@mn trey iz sooo fuk’n s3xi i wouldnt mind doin a video lik diz wit him

  • pucci

    i dont get how this is so explicit. At least to me it wasnt i’ve seen videos like this before.

  • D nice

    Yeah Trey ,put us light skin brothers back on

    Chris Brown sent us back lol

  • Dillon_68

    Wow, I loved it! Represent for the men Trey, show them how its done my homie! Sexy video, that girl was looking right!

  • sasha fierce,,,

    this song bring back memories,,make me thinkin twice,, wish he was next to me right now

  • NytroLuv Dah-ling

    That’s lucky fucca! He can bite my bottom lip til he draws blood……. or not.

  • Roniecisia

    Got Damn Got Damn Got Damnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!
    Ewwwwwwwww wee I feel like my skin crawling, ugh.

  • Cassie

    I think it’s a nice video as long as it’s not shown where young kids ages 16 and under can view it…We as a community are really getting out of hand with the things we do and say, all the while forgetting that we are examples for the children of the future. Don’t get me wrong, I love the song and now that I have viewed the video, I like it too, but lets try to be a little more discreet when it somes to the thing we do and say, for the kids sake. Thank U!

    • kayla

      @Cassie, no disrespect but half the teenagers i know f**k to this song.i mean with kids today keep it real with them,and just hope that they are smart enough not to try it @ home.

  • kayla

    damn i know they had fun makin this video,but trey songz needed a freak like me.cuz i would have taken advantage of that “sex” scene.

  • Jerome tomlin

    go get it trey songz R.I.P. MICHAEL JACKSOM

  • xMiSSyBaBiEx

    DoNt Hate On TrEy He’s Too Sexy 4 Himself ;P lol

  • Trey’s distant lova(ah)

    OMFG..i aint even gone lie.i hated this song BEFORE the video.. now after seein it for like da 11th time i LOVES it!! owwww goddammmitdadditlickmetoooooo is all i say

  • Jessigato

    Trey songz rules this shit mahnn!! (:

  • breona songz

    i love the vide trey is so damn sexy…….love yhuu hubby

  • shontalle songs

    look bitches hes mine all yall so damn stupid my husband said u gon think i invented sex listen carefilly retards i love u baby meet u @ 600 tonight u no u love me.