Omarion Reacts to Being Replaced by Lloyd on Young Money Single

Omarion and Lloyd

After his split with Young Money in August, Omarion hit another “Rock” when he was replaced by Lloyd on the rap crew’s new single. He shares his reaction with

The former B2K member originally sang the hook on “Girl You Know,” later retitled “BedRock,” for December 15th’s Young Money compilation We Are Young Money. When asked what he thought of his replacement, “You” singer Lloyd, Omarion said, “That’s interesting. I heard it. It didn’t bother me.”

O was first contacted about remaining on the song or having someone else sing his hook. “I was contacted and they told me they wanted to potentially use my version of the song or have someone else sing it because I wrote the hook.”

In the end, his vocals and lyrics were swapped for Lloyd’s. “Lloyd did another hook. That’s what’s so interesting to me too,” he shared. “Technically people didn’t have to know that [I wrote the hook if Lloyd would've sang my version]. I didn’t go and tell nobody before the song came out.”

But Omarion still thinks he outshined his R&B counterpart. “Truthfully, I thought mine was better.”

–Reporting by Georgette Cline

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  1. OG

    lloyd had the better hook


  2. imjustsaying

    lmao oh lord omarion, why? look, i love me some omarion but that boy is a little cocky right there but i agree, personally i like omarion’s hook [lyrically, more original] more than lloyd. lets be honest, how many times are people going to use the phrase “call me mr flinestone i can make your bed rock” thats played out. but i will say lloyd covered the entire track better than omarion did, lloyd let it be known that “lloyd is on this track!” you had to find out omarion was on the track once the verse came along.


  3. imjustsaying

    Yeah, omarion’s is better lyrically. much more original than “call me mr flinestone, i can make your bedrock” lol


  4. imjustsaying

    i like omarion’s hook better (lyrically more creative) but i like the way lloyd dominates the entire track more. i think they both did a good job. people like to compare too much


  5. youngmulaaaa

    Lloyd sounds like a woman, but he’s pretty sexy. I like Omarions part its different I guess


  6. jorge

    both are just ok O really sit down and shut up man your out there jsut hurngry for any type of attention and its starting to show. just give us good music or shut your face!


  7. theTruth

    Are we listening to the same tracks?? Clearly Lloyd did a much better job than Omarion. Whether or not the lyrics were not original or whatever I think Lloyd’s version sounds more full and ready for the radio. Omarions sounds more mixtape than retail. Plus I think Lloyd’s whole style and approach fits better with Young Money than O


    imjustsayin Reply:

    @theTruth, i agree lloyd fills the song more than omarion, thats what im saying. but lyrically, not so much. lloyd definitely needs to be more original


  8. Lisa

    Omarion’s is better lyrically, but Lloyd’s voice is more fitting for this song. I just want to see the “I Get It In” video.


  9. Jay

    I gotta say I like O’s hook way better. The beat is so unusual with the hook…it just sounds more unique. He thought more outside the box.

    I do puffer Lloyd’s voice though. His hook is just a lil more predictable, more of an obvious sound to go with the beat.

    Both are good, but O’s version is better. For radio they’ll probably keep Lloyd’s version though.

    Oh and I love the production!


  10. nik

    the beat of the song is amazing.. gd job by kane beatz for producing it, saying that i find Lloyd’s hook matches the beat better and has the better flow. He also has a better voice and its more catchy

    Lloyd >>> Omarion


  11. linda

    mann they juss made the song horrible!!i mean i love lloyd and all but omarion killed the hook i liked it with him on it!!!


  12. nikeboy1988






    imjustsaying Reply:

    @nikeboy1988, i agree! smart man you are :-)


  13. dillon_68

    Lloyd’s is WAYYY better!


  14. queen beyonce

    oh goodness O i like you but im sorry lloyds version is waaaaaayyy better


  15. RoRo24

    Lloyd’s version is waaaay better! His voice is better than O.


  16. quis

    O is right his version is better then Lloyd shit.


  17. brad

    Lloyd hook sounds way better, all the people who disagree with it, know nothing about music


  18. 100% NIKEHEAD

    Lloyds hook is perfect for this song way more catchy and fitting than Omarions version.


  19. Trent

    Lloyd on the song is wayyyyy better then Omarions he sound like he was Trying way to hard


  20. Joyams

    Omarion is better than lloyd on this.


  21. SoneJR

    OMG Ya is crazy, LLOYD’s version is way better, its more catchy, he sings better and sounds more full on the track, very radio friendly and the vocal arrangement fits the beat wayyyyy betta


  22. Joshua

    I like the Omarion version better!!!!


  23. Floboy

    Lloyd is a better singer than Omarion, but Omarion’s hook wads better.


  24. Joe

    Omg hands down lloyds version was watt better , it’s going to be a smash single just as big as ‘every girl’


  25. HAAAAA

    lloyds is way better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  26. alicias a homewrecker

    lloyd’s version is way better than Omarion’s.

    Lloyd’s vocals flows better with the track.


  27. kid kenive

    i think o got it on this onee! juss better soundin the “call me mr.flinstone i can make ur bed rock” i used to hear that shit when wack ass bros tryna pick up on a chika hahaha


  28. YAnn

    Omarion is simply the best and he does not need young money or what ever.


  29. U Know

    I really don’t think it’s really much of a big deal… U know both of the men are so totally fire HOTTTT!! and have SO much in front of them. Pardon me Rap Up, Omarion, Lloyd, and Submitters…If I have offended anyone


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  31. Keenan Taylor

    They Both Should be on the song


  32. bigal

    Omarion verse is 100 times better then Lloyd shit.


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