Video: R. Kelly’s Song for Michael Jackson

R. Kelly hasn’t forgotten how to make the ladies scream as was evident on his “Ladies Make Some Noise!” tour stop at Los Angeles’ NOKIA Theatre on Thursday night. But Kellz still took a moment to pay tribute to his mentor Michael Jackson with a new song he penned in memory of the late King of Pop.

“Don’t say goodbye to me, there is no need to/ Don’t say goodbye to me, ’cause I’m still with you,” he sings. The video montage ends with a photo of Jackson as an angel next to his daughter Paris. “I’m smiling down on you my dear/ Remember daddy’s still here.”

Plus, Kellz addresses his court case, performs “I Believe I Can Fly,” and brings out Tyrese for a “Happy” ending.

“This tour is the first tour since my court case and I’m still here!”

Tyrese makes a surprise appearance during the “Happy People” finale.

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  1. r. kellyyyyy r of r&b

    aaawh how cutee


  2. test123

    Kells is still my fav R&B artist ever. But his latest stuff sucks hard compared to his classic shit. he needs to stop being lazy and having other people produce and write for him. do it like you started – alone – and Imma love you again!!!


  3. Giselle

    Sad. The clip of Michael made me laugh, he was funny.


  4. monica

    oh god the last part had me in tears


  5. Lisa

    Great tribute by Kells, and the clip of MJ dancing is funny.


  6. Mercury29

    Mr kelly that was a beautiful tribute to Michael, It brought me to tears I love Michael and miss Michael so much Thank you Mr Kelly for sharing this with us fans, That song don’t say good bye to me made me cry as does The storm is over again thank you Mr kelly I love you Michael rip xoxo


  7. marnie

    best tribute so far i saw


  8. Chaun

    Rkelly Thanks for making those hits that you do… That tribute to MJ and your Mom both were heart touching and warm felt.Love Ya


  9. Oshia S

    luv u kels…..god bless and live true, thank you for the MJ tribute, its certains artists i cannot see living life without. thru the good and bad came great music from both of you. I WILL NEVER take you 2 men outta my changer or my ipod


  10. Stephanie Matlock

    Three originalz: Michael Jackson, Kellz, and Reese!
    Oh the joy!!!!


  11. Catie

    That scene of Michael dancing to “Ignition” made me laugh and tear up at same time. R.I.P. MJ!


  12. Luel14

    The king of rnb.


  13. Norah

    To RKelly:You’re the true continuer of R&B!Keep faith and speak the Truth!


  14. Kayla

    That was amazing it took my breath away well done R. kelly


  15. ziro

    great tribute. MJ is the man ! :D


  16. Christina Madsen

    I really hope R-kelly releases that tribute song about Michael because that was Beautiful! Made me cry! I will definetly buy it if he desides to release it! Great video montage as well! Respect!


  17. marysays

    brought me to tears. best tribute i have seen yet. he was an angel.


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