The-Dream to Lose Weight for Film Role


The-Dream is going Hollywood. But first, he must shed some extra pounds.

The once heavyset singer-songwriter revealed on Twitter that he is planning to drop his weight for an undisclosed film role and his next album, Love King.

I am going down to 170 lbs for an upcoming film and the release of my third album.

He also asked his fans how many tracks they would like to see on the follow-up to this year’s Love vs. Money, scheduled for a 2010 release.

Quick q, How many songs would you like to appear on LP3?

His producing partner Tricky Stewart told in September that the project is nearing completion. “It’s pretty much in the can,” he said.

The-Dream Tweet

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  1. javonscott

    wonder what the movie is…


  2. Carl

    About time. One of my fave’s though!


  3. cubevision

    dream will still be ugly as hell no matter how much weight he drops…he’z lucky he met Christina Milian when she was effing for tracks


    Ghetto Fab Reply:


    You mean Christina is lucky she met him with that dying ass career of hers. She is in the same boat as Mya. That’s the best career move her ass has ever made since she’s hit the scene lol.


  4. An0thrDream

    I want at least 15 tracks, or 13 extremely good ones.

    Im a huge fan of the Dream so whatever he gives us im sure is gonna be amazing


  5. MACH

    I think the Dream is very cute… not really a fan of his voice tho. He has some good productions while most sound the same..


  6. girlygirl.

    Can’t wait. I’m sure its going to be a monster.


  7. BP86

    How many songs would I like to appear on LP3?



  8. youjigz

    while she was effing for tracks???? wow… where did you get that from LOL. IF that’s true looks like he gave her a pretty damn good effing cuz aren’t they getting married or are they already?


  9. Catie

    Does anybody know when Christina is due?


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