Video: Omarion f/ Gucci Mane – ‘I Get It In’


It’s black, it’s white. Omarion busts a few Michael Jackson-inspired moves in the video for “I Get It In.” The Gucci Mane-assisted song is the first single from his third solo album Ollusion, due January 12.

“It’s a mix between ‘Beat It’ and ‘Bad,’” the former B2K member tells of the clip, which he dedicates to the late King of Pop.

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  1. Danielit0

    ThZ !Z a d!ff3r3nT 0maR!0n.. IMmA LuV!n dA DaNcE!n CuZ thZ b3aT s0unDz L!k3 u CnT g3t HyP3d Up W!t ThZ s0nG BuT 0maR!0n D!d s0..AlL ! Kn03 Iz !f Sum1 TyP3z up A c0mM3nT b!tCh!n Up Da YiNg Yan9 B0Ut H0W Thz Vid3O SucKz d3n y Da pHUq r U WaTch!n !t !f y0 g0nnA hAt3. U a!nT !n Da V!d30 S0 ShUt Da phuQ Up & Ke3p !t M0v3!n 0n H0LLa


  2. depgia08

    um what? lol


  3. Lisa

    O shut the game down! People been sleepin’ on him when he can out dance Chris Brown anyday. He’s taking it back to the essence of dancing, there’s no need for a lot of effects and distractions. The dance is the focus and it reminds me of Janet’s “Pleasure Principle.” She danced in an old warehouse, so the focus could be on her dancing. I just love it! I thought Chris would’ve come harder in the video for “I Can Transform Ya,” but he was too busy trying to get his Sasha Fierce on to dance.


  4. theTruth

    the whole song and video seemed a bit forced to me..but thats jus my opinion


  5. AAA

    I love the dancing he had some intresting moves , but Mann he need some dancers his height or something cuz he looks shorter


  6. An0thrDream


    Love the video/song/omarion


  7. Facebook User

    that was crap…dont get me wrong the song is good….omarion hasnt changed at all..that video had B2K written all over it…PLUS Lil Wayne made this song and Gucci Maine recked it


  8. bijan

    its nothing at all like beat it and bad

    and the beat + gucci reminds me of break up


  9. nik

    lil waynes absensce makes a huge difference…


  10. Quilt

    gucci ruined this video… nice vid overall though


  11. Melvin Carson

    wow great!


  12. B-Rad

    @ Lisa, That’s what I’m talking about. The TRUE ESSENCE OF A DANCE VIDEO is the dancing. Many people don’t understand that. Omarion brings originality, personality, and creativeness to everything he does. As if many people didn’t know that “We Are Heroes” in the video flashing lights in the dark background scene. Omarion is taking control of his career and people need to stop hating on him because he’s different from everybody else. Unlike all other Chris Brown’s out there, this is what makes Omarion the true “KING OF DANCE”!!!


  13. cherae

    all that hype for what
    big disappointment
    Gucci Maine just turned a potential hit maker
    into a flop


  14. Nick

    Isn’t white and black checkered patterns a symbol of the ILLUMINATI?


  15. Lisa

    The Gucci part is weak, but just listen to the version with Weezy like I do. Thankfully Gucci’s verse is at the end, where there’s not too much going on. I just stop the video when it gets to his part.


  16. Catie

    Yeah, Lil Wayne’s verse made the orignal version so the song’s a bit lackluster with Gucci on it.


  17. Jay

    This video is so dope! Ain’t never heard this style of song from O before, but I like it. Video definitely brings up the song.

    And I can’t get over how crazy the choreography is! O went hard on this one


  18. B-Rad

    Nobody does videos like this anymore, This here is THE TRUTH!!!


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