Tracklisting: Snoop Dogg – ‘Malice N Wonderland’

Malice N Wonderland

Snoop Dogg has issued the tracklisting and production credits for his new album Malice N Wonderland, wreaking havoc December 8. R. Kelly, Brandy, Soulja Boy, Lil Jon, The-Dream, Pharrell, Jazmine Sullivan, and more join the Big Boss Dogg on his latest adventure.

1. “Intro”
2. “I Wanna Rock” (produced by Scoop DeVille)
3. “2 Minute Warning” (produced by Terrace Martin)
4. “1800” (feat. Lil Jon) (produced by Lil Jon)
5. “Different Languages” (feat. Jazmine Sullivan) (produced by Teddy Riley and Scoop DeVille, co-produced by PMG)
6. “Gangsta Luv” (feat. The-Dream) (produced by The-Dream and Tricky)
7. “Pronto” (feat. Soulja Boy) (produced by B-Don, co-produced by Super Ced)
8. “That’s Tha Homie” (produced by Danja)
9. “Upside Down” (feat. Problem & Nipsey Hussle) (produced by Terrace Martin, co-produced by Jason Martin)
10. “Secrets” (feat. Kokane) (produced by Battlecat)
11. “Pimpin’ Ain’t EZ” (feat. R. Kelly) (produced by Nottz)
12. “Luv Drunk” (feat. The-Dream) (produced by The-Dream and Tricky)
13. “Special” (feat. Brandy & Pharrell) (produced by The Neptunes)
14. “Outro”

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  1. Unknown

    No Dre? …


  2. Erik

    this is one of the few albums i’ll get this year, along with Relapse (and Relapse 2 if it comes this year), and most importantly Before I Self Destruct!!





  4. Don Nisi

    why not Dre????


  5. lolollmfaolmfaolol

    If he had Lil Wayne on his album i’d even begin to think about considering about even getting up to even remotely admire the album and download it..

    on second though, i’ll just wait for Rebirth/YM Collabo



  6. Dillon_68

    I have GOT to hear “luv Drunk”, Dream and Tricky always deliver!

    What’s up with them and “luv” though, lol.


  7. Pucci

    somebody on here is actually admitting to wanting to get a 50 cent album, i’ve heard it all now.


  8. Harvey

    Ooh I wanna hear that Neptunes joint with Brandy! Wasn’t that recorded for an older album of his?


  9. U_U

    I wanna hear “Different Languages” and “Special”…

    …why not the Doc?


  10. Grant Annand

    if snoop wants to wait 2yrs for 1 dre beat then he’ll have it but snoop aint had a beat from dre since 06, i dont know why they dont work together more often because their chemistry is amazing


  11. terrible

    soulja boy? this pretty much goes to show that snoops become a gimmick just like soulja boy, its dissapointing…


  12. BiggDoggSoulja

    iz gon b a mastapiece.. jus like doggystyle.. bigg snoop dogg is gon b next u.s. prez!


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  14. ShrivatsDalmia

    y soulja????????? cut that track off n the album would be hot


  15. Its6amHoGetOut

    Every album Snoop’s done without Dre has been garbage, look for this one to be no different, it wont even go gold………Like the last one!


  16. areeb

    1800 is the sickest trackk


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