Video: Chamillionaire – ‘Good Morning’


Chamillionaire gives his haters more reason to hate in his pop-up video for “Good Morning,” the first single from his third studio album Venom, due February 2. Cham puts a price tag on his luxurious lifestyle in the Don Tyler-directed clip. Venom will feature collaborations with Ludacris, J. Holiday, Pimp C, Bobby Valentino, and Good Charlotte.

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  1. ugh

    i was waiting for some muppets to pop up and sing along to this mess of a song. wow chamillionaire really fell off. poor guy is never gonna be able to get on the charts anymore. you know he is not making any money to be able to afford HALF of the stuff in the video.


  2. BP86

    I’ve loved this song for a while. Still do. Probably bc I really like Tom Petty too.


  3. Cameo

    I like the beat and the Tom Petty back to it. The message sucks and the video is just horrible. Overall its decent. Its a good feel good song. haha


  4. brad

    you guys are haters, the song is good, and could do it big on the pop charts if universal would do their job better


  5. haterz

    why does this site keep saying his album is released in 2009????? Even his site doesnt say anything like that, it still has Dec. 8th

    And to UGH: he makes plenty of money, he gets paid from universal, not his sales or stuff like that, idiot, he is just underapprectiated and its really sad that no one recognized Creepin Solo for radio, it sounded just like Ridin

    The video wasnt very good, it wasnt bad either, it was just alright


  6. Catie

    I liked the video, it reminded me of Game’s “Wouldn’t Get Far” video with all the text bubbles.


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