Album Cover: Clipse – ‘Til the Casket Drops’


Clipse drops the artsy cover for their new album Til the Casket Drops, in stores December 8. The cover was created by artist KAWS, who directed the duo’s “Kinda Like a Big Deal” video and designed the special edition of Kanye West’s 808s & Heartbreak artwork.

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  1. 100% NIKEHEAD

    This looks more like a single cover. im not feelin it.


  2. Cameo

    Disappointing to say the least. The song I have heard is also disappointing too.


  3. DEv



  4. Harvey

    Kinda wack. Looks really cheap.


  5. ehhh

    honestly, this album cover is one of the worst i have seen, especially for a long awaited album, but this is like the most unimportant part of the album, its just a cover, so it really shouldnt make someone affect there decision to buy it


  6. listen

    no effort…this is the final indicator that this album is not going to do well.


  7. bass_man

    it’s okay…at most. It look like a rough draft.


  8. Samet

    Don’t care what the cover looks like. It’s the music whats more important. and i know they will deliver.

    18 days left CANT WAIT


  9. aton

    The cover ain’t that good or that bad. I would like it better if it wasn’t so similar to the single covers. I DO like the color scheme because its original and it would get my attention in a store. Whatever though, the album will still be FIRE and I’ll be at best buy on the 8th after school!


  10. Toto

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