Video: Amerie Visits ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ & ‘Tavis Smiley’

Amerie brought her A-game to “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” where she performed “Heard ’Em All” wearing a coat that looks like it was made out of Lady Gaga’s hair. According to HITS Daily Double, her critically-acclaimed album In Love & War debuted at No. 46 on the Billboard 200 with around 12,500 copies sold.

The Georgetown graduate discusses working with “Southern gentleman” Lil Wayne and her experience with a rifle on PBS’ “Tavis Smiley.” Watch below.

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  1. Giselle

    12,500 copies? Def Jam need their ass whooped!


    bass_man Reply:

    @Giselle, that’s a shame they fucked her over like that…


  2. javonscott

    In Love & War Is A Good Album. BUT WHO DIDN’T SEE THIS COMING!


  3. B

    thank God shes finally getting some promo. she deserves to be on the big shows like oprah and co, shes deserves way better. shes a great artist. anyways, i wish her all the best……


  4. tell'em

    She deserves better promo and sales. The album is good and critcally acclaimed so she may still get a grammy nom. I hope they get it right for her next album.


  5. SwaggerAreUs

    I’m extremely disappointed in the album sales that she’s gotten for the simple fact that she’s a great artist. I would’ve at least expected a six-figure release date sales. Now, if this is including digital sales and physically copies this is a shame considering all the site takeovers….I’m surprised and so disappointed but on the positive note her album is good and people should take a listen…


  6. 100% NIKEHEAD

    im so disapointed. Fuck Def Jam!!!!


  7. Gaby

    it’s so sad to se that this great album debuts only at #46 and with sales like that. Amerie is Great, and I love her new promotional photos for this album. But, unfortunately her singles from this record floped, so this weak debut is only because of that… Hello R&B radios… Amerie has some briliant tracks on this album, she should be helped, not Rihanna…


  8. 100% NIKEHEAD

    Im so disapointed. Def Jam fu*ked up. I doubt they will be dropping a video for pretty brown eyes now or any other single from this classic album.


  9. ouchhh!

    not much of a shocker…its not all def jam’s fault..she’s too self-contained as an artist and ppl forget about her. artists rely too heavily on label support and promo..amerie didnt put herself out their to grab ppl’s attention. smh…


    Ghetto Fab Reply:


    I’m curious as to how she could have put herself out there and grab people’s attention if she’s barely booked anywhere??


  10. Ghetto Fab

    12,000 COPIES!?!?!? Def Jam should be ashamed of themselves!! There are tons of people that have no clue that Amerie even has a song out let alone an album. It’s ridiculous. Where is the promotion?? Poor thing keep your head up. I hope she gets from under that management cause they are royally screwing her.

    On a lighter note she gave a great performance.


  11. mitch

    def jam are primarily focusing on rihanna at the moment, amerie will just earn em a little spare cash on the sidelines,
    but i dont care amerie is a flop she dosent promote herself, if she is getting bad outcomes from defo jam, why dont she switch labels? :S
    and she looks uncomfortable on stage


  12. Harvey

    Heard ‘Em All is a hot ass joint… I love it. But it was the wrong single choice. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.


  13. Baron

    I agree. After “Why R U” flopped they should’ve put the budget into a video for “Pretty Brown” instead. Trey Songz is hot right now and that would’ve helped to garner some more attention for the LP. I just hate that this happened – this is one of the few albums I’ve purchased in recent months.


  14. lame

    is he DRUNK???? WhyAreU a hit single? Critically Acclaimed? DEAAAAAAAAD


  15. Catie

    Honestly, i knew the album was going to flop which is a huge shame. It’s sad when the fans know what to do with a project and the label doesn’t.

    Anyways, i loved the interview she did with Tamis Smiley. She came off very intelligent and humble.


  16. dc84

    Amerie’s album is okay.. that performance on kimmel was just awful though! She barely sang half of the lyrics. Come on Rap-Up, THAT’S considered A-GAME?


  17. fi

    people seriously got the nerves to buy and listen to Amerie rip offs and ignore the originals
    Amerie is A game cause she is an original
    she deserves to be america’s number one female R&b superstar…her album “because i like it” was never released and promoted in the US.
    It is a masterpiece !!!!!!!


  18. Kevin

    I think “Because I Love It” is one of the hottest albums ever. It s a shame they didn’t release it stateside. My favorite song was “When Loving U Was Easy.” And “In Love & War” is just as good. I wish her labels would put more into promoting her but also she needs to step her own game up. If I were an artist you best believe I’d be on the sides of streets singing and trying to promote myself. I’d be posted up on YouTube making videos and have my hussle on. Amerie I know you can do it. You deserve success! Love you Amerie!


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