Video: Behind-the-Scenes of Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’

Behind-the-Scenes: Bad Romance

You’ve seen the eccentric video, now take a behind-the-scenes look at Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” Director Francis Lawrence explains the clip’s “futuristic Russian bath house” concept and offers a glimpse into the making of Gaga’s latest masterpiece. They don’t make ’em like this anymore.

Spotted at Showing Out

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  1. KingMe

    i always wanted to see what goes on behind the scenes of her music videos… good looks rap-up


  2. dr

    they sure dont make em like this jus seein behind the scenes is like getting in the brain of genius.


  3. bass_man

    Every female, hell artist, in the game is going to have to step it up with the videos after this.

    I had never seen anything like that in my life.


  4. 100% NIKEHEAD

    i really do think shes the most talented artist since michael jackson this video was incredible. Whats crazy is that her videos are only gonna get better. This is just her first album just imagine what her next albums and videos will be like. Iconic!!!


  5. I Know Its true

    I used to like her videos but this one… comment


  6. sexyma

    This video is Meeeeaaaannnn!


  7. Catie

    Whether you like her or not, you have to admit that she makes incredible music videos.


  8. joe

    you mean: gaga’s latest ode to satan.


  9. ugh

    we wanted creative and different from most artist and gaga serves a full helping and you guys call it demonic devil work? art is not something you “understand” its something you interpret. for everyone its different and i think thats why lady gaga makes these videos like this. the “bath hause of gaga” idea is phenominal. music videos need to step up their game because she is slaying them all.


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