Video: LeToya Luckett f/ Ludacris – ‘Regret’

Ludacris and LeToya Luckett

The sexy LeToya Luckett is poppin’ bottles at the Blue Velvet lounge in Los Angeles when her ex-boyfriend comes back around. But it’s too late because she has moved on to a new man, played by Ludacris. “Regret” is the third single off LeToya’s sophomore album Lady Love. The video was directed by Parris.

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  1. Giselle

    Nice. I hope this is a hit for her. She deserves it.


  2. Danielit0

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  3. Oshanae

    Love it this is a great song and luda i love that verse.


  4. HMM

    Love it


  5. ISIS



  6. keke♥'su

    Yes Nicole work it out. Ppl gone def through shade but I still love her. Get it!!!!! =D


  7. Kyle

    I will always love this woman. Aside from being talented, she is so down to earth and humble. It sucks that “Lady Love” didn’t get the push it deserved. I really admire how she stepped it up and released one of this years TRUE R&B albums. It definitely shows vocal improvement and the fact that Letoya really knows how to make her hardcore fans happy. And regarding the video, she looks great and I’m so happy that “Regret” is a Top 10 R&B hit with no help or promotion from her label. Goes to show she has some dedicated followers (including ME!).


  8. Alex



  9. Brandon

    I liked the video, LeToya is madd pretty and I liked that they kept it simple!


  10. 100% NIKEHEAD

    This song was always one of my favs off the Lady Love album but this video is horrible. Its very low budget and the concept isnt that good.


  11. lol

    It may be a cheap video but we should be satisfied that Capitol (as cheap and dumb as they are as a label) gave LeToya a third video. It’s because of us the fans LeToya is able to have a video. And I’m proud of LeToya for keeping a positive attitude despite the many obstacles in her way. LeToya looks gorgeous as per usual. Luda is always spitting fire. I’m going to vote the hell out of this video. VERY HOT SONG!

    P.S. LeToya should leave Capitol after she done with this album.


  12. mal

    i like i like


  13. A Milli

    All I have to say is Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Letoya and Ludacris for giving us a video that is REAL for a change!!!! and not givin’ us none of that Sci-Fi $h*t. Take notes you INDUSTRY WIESELS, Give the d@mn people a video that people;Real, Regular people can relate to, not some OOMPA-LOOMPAS in ya’lls imaginary land. All Hail the First Lady of Capitol Records, Letoya!!


  14. Let's Get It!!

    Alert, Alert!!! Too Much Swagg in One Video, I repeat, Too Much Swagg in One Video!!!Hands down, this video did the d@mn thang!! You go Letoya, gettin your High-Fashion Victoria Beckham Vogue on. I’m feelin it. And Luda, you are the streets. Ain’t nan rapper touchin’ this man right here. Baddest duo ever to grace a Collabo, Ya’ll done made History!!!


  15. Dave

    I agree with lol. Labels are so shitty nowadays. They only want the gimmicks. This woman put out a quality ass album. How the hell u let someone who had a big ass hit in 2006, and a near platinum album flop? Could you have at least pushed what she had 1st? I mean come the fuck on. The music industry is lame, and rig’d. I only support talent, and good music. I’m not buying any manufactured bullshit, they try to implement to me.


  16. ugh

    tank did his thing on this song! the song goes so well with the video. great look for letoya. she needs to get the shine she deserves. her albums have been solid work.


  17. Kimberly

    who is her ex boyfriend in this video?!? he is sooo sexxyyyyyyyyyy !!


  18. jaelyn

    who is her i mean i never listended to her songs i mean i never herd of her she is cute by the way yall know that in really wondering who she is i never herd of her on the radio really i mean come on mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


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