Chris Brown Pens Song for Omarion’s Album

Omarion and Chris Brown

Omarion has stuck by Chris Brown through the ups and downs, and now the “Crawl” singer is paying back his friend by helping to write a song for his album.

The B2K alum, who turns 25 today, revealed to that he penned a record with Brown for his new album Ollusion (Jan. 12). “Chris and I wrote the song ‘What Do You Say?’,” he said of the Battle Royal production.

O also disclosed that the 253-produced “Speedin’” will be the follow-up single to “I Get It In.” “The concept of the song is that I’m racing to get to my girl because I love her and I care about her. It has so many meanings too, not just racing time. We’re racing like whether or not we’re gonna be together. We could be on a collision course and we could crash,” he explained. “With ‘Speedin’,’ we’re trying to get to that focal point, that point where we could just both look at each other and know what it is, and be like, ‘I love you.’”

Akon affiliate Detail produced two records for the R&B crooner’s third solo album along with Tank, who helmed the lead single featuring Gucci Mane.

–Reporting by Georgette Cline

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    Now that’s what’s up, these two are pretty dope.


  2. janet

    That is right Omarion. You stand by your friend through this time. Oprah stood by her friend (BeBe) until she found out the world knew what he had done. She thought because the Chris and Rihanna thing was so big that everyone forgot. You continue to be a good friend because that is what he needs to make sure it doesn’t happen again.


  3. yo, excuse me

    yeaaah:P nicee


  4. wtf

    nice…like o and he such a good friend..wish both men you breezy!!


  5. elisx

    omarion is a true friend,let me just say his a brother.


  6. hiafa

    Omarion is a beautiful person for standing by his friend Chris!! thats beautiful!! Chris we love you with all our heart!! keep making that music,you and Omarion!!!


  7. amy



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