Gucci Mane Violates Probation, Sentenced to a Year in Prison

Gucci Mane

DecemBURR is about to get even colder for Gucci Mane. The Southern rapper was arrested and sentenced to one year behind bars on Thursday (Nov. 12) for a probation violation.

The “Wasted” MC was handcuffed and immediately taken into custody, reports MTV News. He was sentenced to 12 months in prison, according to a label rep, and could be released in as soon as six months.

This is not Gucci’s first time in jail. He was released from prison in March of this year after serving six months for failing to complete 600 hours of community service.

The arrest comes at the height of his career. His first major album The State vs. Radric Davis is currently scheduled for a December 8 release, while his Usher-assisted single “Spotlight” is climbing the charts.

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  1. tsk tsk tsk

    celebs are just so stupid now-a-days…ughhh


  2. Shan-o

    got dayum……well at least we got oj da juiceman….lol.


  3. Joyams

    TI, Lil Wayne, now Gucci… It’s a freaking epidemic.


  4. thank god

    this is the best thing to happen to hip hop! Now we just need Soulja Boy, Jim Jones, and them to get arrested!

    Rappers are all just idiots, other than ludacris and ti(hes learned his lesson) and some others


  5. tell'em

    Damn shame..smh. And dumb kids are going to think its “cool”. Society #FAIL


  6. daaamn

    damn atleast the album come out so gucci still be around for a year while he locked up and t.i be out near the start of next year so hip hop still alive


  7. Star

    Dam why First tip then bosie then wayne know gucci WHY ?


  8. Joyams

    Governement conspiracy, for sure. ^^


  9. Pedro Sergio( Angola)

    What a shame…. this rappers are idiots… do they think about the kids that admire ´em …??


  10. tee

    Some of these rappers are just plain stupid. They get the success, money, and lifestlyle others dream about and they mess it up by doing foolish things. I mean com on now the least you can do is try an maintain. First T.I., Lil Wayne, and now Gucci and at the height of their career they get locked up its just stupid.


  11. Miniblock

    thanks god gucci come back to jail
    he makes awful music


  12. Myke Viray

    why god? why?


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