Video: Diddy-Dirty Money – ‘Love Come Down’

Diddy does the Diddy Bop and gets inducted into the Interscope Records family with his own Beats by Dr. Dre headphones in the Rage-directed video for “Love Come Down,” one of two lead singles from his Last Train to Paris album, set for a 2010 release. The Dirty Money crew consists of Puff, former Danity Kane member Dawn Richard, and singer-songwriter Kalenna.

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  1. Rodra

    The video, music and vibe is so 90′s… Girls in latex looking like scanks, with a pimp with grills… Diddy you can do better than that… and Dawn you’re so much better than this treesome… the other one I don’t know, so i’m not saying a word!


  2. Hollywoode



  3. Starrah

    This vid is definitely 90s – I agree. And there’s nothing like 90s music – especially 90s BAD BOY music. Loving this video!!!


  4. Awi



  5. Starrah

    show ‘em how to move in a room full o’ vultures!!! LOVE IT!!


  6. ouchhh!

    i was hoping the video would help futher explain his last rain to paris and dirty money concept. sonically the recod is dope but the video didnt match it…


  7. Blazah

    Ok – Diddy. I see you and ya crew – LET’S GO!! I like this vid. it’s dope!


  8. meter

    he def took it back with the cat suits – and the tunnel type thing. old bad boy. i love it. keep doing ya thing Diddy!!


  9. 100% NIKEHEAD

    Yo this video is hot. Taking me back to the 90′s with this video, this has to be bad boys best video in years lol!


  10. Tobi A

    Diddy’s completely lost his touch. He should stop with the music and stick to business, it’s a shame cause he used to be so good at it..


    LOL Reply:

    @Tobi A, hater in D block


  11. keysh

    i like it – it makes me wanna dance every time i hear this record. good job Dawn & Kalenna.


  12. uh

    i just love this song.. kalenna is greatt!!! :)


  13. EDWARD

    AHHHHHHHH TRUE,90S looks like cant you see of TOTAL,luv it


  14. Danielit0

    LuVz Da V!d30 & S0n9 bUt D!DdY pLs 0 pLs St0p AcT L!K3 Ur H3Lla TiGht & hArd Da Danc3 0uTTa St0p. Ur Da 0nlY bLAcK maN DaT ! Kn0e tRyZ s0 hArD 2 DaNc3 St0p !T d!DdY JuZt St0ppP


  15. Stephonne

    Dawn’s swagger was was undeniably at 300 %! I loved how grimey it was and Bad Boy in the 90′s was the dopest thing out. It is a bit updated with this video and it kind of symbolizes ushering in a new era. Can’t wait for this album.


  16. LOL

    He needs to quit. he’s too old for this.


  17. 2 Buck



  18. ugh

    WOW DID NOT EXPECT THIS! i thought it would be just money,car,hoes. but this is actually a good video. the whole 90s vibe was awesome. i wish music and music videos would go back to that time, when it all had substance.
    this is a fresh new look for diddy. i hope his venture goes well.


  19. cubevision

    I kinda like it….iss the most decent thing diddy’s put out in a while


  20. Diddy Dirty Money Love Come Down Video, Lyrics (Official) | Shallow Nation

    [...] Link Via [...]

  21. bijan

    I love it.
    I want it 2 be a hit!


  22. Pedro Sergio( Angola)

    good video


  23. Kearx

    Luv this Song
    Luv the vidoe

    Dawn Look Cutes


  24. GooN_K6

    Ce que c’est nul!!!
    Déjà vu, déjà entendu…
    Aucun style…
    Et puis Diddy quoi…

    Traduction pour les ricains :

    It sucks!!!
    Already seen, already heard…
    No style…
    And Diddy…


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