New Music: Dirty Money f/ Drake – ‘Hurt’

Dirty Money and Drake

Diddy’s giving more than he’s getting. He shares his heartache on “Hurt,” a new song from Dirty Money’s Last Train to Paris recording sessions. Drake commiserates with a verse about underwear in the dryer and hair in the sink.

Download: Dirty Money f/ Drake – “Hurt”

Audio source: On Smash

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  1. Dominicano

    dirty money songs just gets better and better!!!!


  2. ouch!!!

    thats the best shit they put out so far…hands down! loved drizzy’s verse and i kinda like diddy singin for some reason…so dope!

    dawn sounded good on the record too- i’m sure danity kane is a distant memory for her nowadays!!


  3. Stephonne

    lmao @ Rap-Up for that Drake comment. Ya’ll are funny as hell. too Stoopids, lol.


  4. AAA

    yea this is good song, DRIZZZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Kearx

    Luv it


  6. ....

    why do the 2 girls go completely unnoticed in every song?!?! this group is boring


  7. bijan

    Awesome. I love it!
    ^wtf are you talking about we’ve heard 3 songs so far I think its a little early for judgement.


  8. DJ Triumph

    good track.


  9. Jewelz Ruttman Jnr

    from my own point of view dirty money is a real hit.


  10. Pedro Sergio( Angola)

    hit track…. i like it


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