Review Roundup: 50 Cent – ‘Before I Self Destruct’

Before I Self Destruct

After a few false alarms, 50 Cent’s fourth album Before I Self Destruct finally detonates in stores today. Did the rapper’s latest work set off sparks with critics? Find out below.

Entertainment Weekly: Growling violent threats over hard beats, 50 sounds the hungriest he has in years. Of course, there’s nothing remotely original about the formula he’s returning to, but at least he’s going through the motions with gusto. B-

The New York Times: Taken as a whole this album has a pleasingly morbid tone, in keeping with the best moments from 50 Cent’s first two albums. But context is this album’s undoing. Before I Self Destruct is the ramblings of a stubborn heavyweight pushing retirement, not clever enough to replace declining agility with wit.

Chicago Sun-Times: The cameos by Eminem (on the tired and tossed-off “Psycho”) and R&B superstar R. Kelly (“Could’ve Been You,” one of two ill-advised Fiddy smooth jams) add nothing, and the millionaire businessman’s rhymes about scheming bitches, treacherous drug dealers, and his allegedly unrivaled ability to beat all rivals to a bloody pulp have never sounded more predictable, boring, contrived, or thoroughly insincere. 1 out of 4

Chicago Tribune: The subject matter is anything but fresh (“I bring money to my [friends], death to my enemies”), but at least these tales of blood and dollars find him more fired up than he has been in years. His rhyme battle with Eminem on “Psycho” has zero redeeming value, but the two old pros fire away with glee trying to out-psychopath each other. 2 out of 4

Newsday: Where Fitty has improved most is in showing his softer side—teaming with R. Kelly on the crude-but-catchy “Could’ve Been You” and truly shining with Ne-Yo on the unstoppable current single “Baby By Me.” It’s only a matter of time before 50 Cent realizes these kinds of songs are where the big money is for him. B

USA Today: Before I Self Destruct isn’t likely to renew 50 Cent’s currency. Though packed with tough beats, dense production, and 50′s most ferocious delivery in years, the gloats about shootings, drugs, and bloody ’hoods feel about as fresh as a Saw sequel. 2.5 out of 4

Rap-Up’s Favorite Tracks: “Crime Wave,” “Baby By Me,” “Do You Think About Me,” “Could’ve Been You”

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  1. mimi313



  2. @

    Before I Self Destruct 50 Cent Best Album Since GRODT…I’m Buying The Album Today..Can’t Wait…Plus I Get The Movie Too With It..


  3. GeeMan

    Finally 50 went where he needs to be and what made him who he is the streets.


  4. mmkayy

    yo ive been reading Chicago reviews for a minute.. they dont like anything gtfo


  5. Nathi

    This album is tight man hey and this shit leaked but still will outsell queen ross and triple divas


  6. Erik

    fuck that chicago tribune and sun-times, bunch of bill o’reilly’s anyway, they probably never listen to hip hop!!

    anyways, classic album! I got both regular and deluxe versions today!! love the album!!


    . Reply:

    @Erik, buying one version is bad enough, but both of them, thats just stupid, this album was weak and you wasted your money to buy a 2nd, lyrically it was pretty bad


  7. Philly11

    I love BISD…1000% better than I expected. restored my faith in 50


  8. Catie

    So the reviews pretty much confirm what i was thinking which is that the album sounds stale and boring.


  9. mad

    i just bought my copy half an hour ago! it fire!

    hold me down, crime wave, stretch, psycho, disrespectful, baby by me, ok ya right..damn too many good songs


  10. Cameo

    It was horrible. Its not original nor is it creative. 50 just continues to show us that he is not the better rapper and needs to go into retirement.


  11. amanda

    I’ve been searching higher and lower for a word to describe Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson because theirs something about him that just rubs me wrong, especially recently.



    smh Reply:

    @amanda, PLEASE search “higher and lower” for a book, rub it, read it, and learn how to spell.

    LMAO @ theirs and inscincere


  12. hellno

    this was definitely a solid album


  13. tone7077

    Ok, 2 Quarters must be paying some critics off, how can u get two Bs and the other reviews all 1s. I cant wait to see this album self distruct. Only reason why because this dude is too cocky.


  14. Nathi

    As i said b4 this shit is better than dtr end of debate


  15. Sean

    straight fire gets on that get rich or die tryin level.


  16. bobs

    150k sales in first week, putting him at #4 in billboard.
    Pathetic sales for pathetic album. Please serve up music about something other than your penis or your wallet.


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