Sneak Peek: Timbaland f/ SoShy – ‘Morning After Dark’

Timbaland builds anticipation for the sequel to his 2007 blockbuster Shock Value with the Twilight-inspired trailer for the first single “Morning After Dark,” co-starring his artist SoShy. The saga continues…

Spotted at dajaz1

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  1. Danielit0

    daYmn !T, Itz n0t 3ven dA v!d30 Y3t…!mmA wA!tin..



    HOT!!!!! What movie is that from again??


  3. Facebook User

    nice :)


  4. T-Pain

    who was the women at the end which timbo says

    “after all these years we meet again?”

    hope it’s Nelly Furtado!


    Dominicano Reply:

    @T-Pain, her name is “soshy”


  5. Robert Lazar

    i was looking forward for his second album since he announced it. since i heard his stuff that hit the net, i’m not that impressed good at the beginning but then after a week or so they are forgettable. i hope his other songs on the album are better than what i heard.


  6. Mick

    His album is prob gonna be terrible. This song is not good at all.


  7. eyal

    nelly furtado MUST be on this video , and its already confirmed shes in it. =]

    i think there are 2 versions of videos.. one with nelly and one without.



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