First Listen: Chris Brown ‘Graffiti’ Snippets


Listen to 30-second snippets from Chris Brown’s third album Graffiti in advance of its December 8 release. It features guest appearances from Lil Wayne, Trey Songz, Game, Plies, Tank, and more. Tracklisting below.

1. “I Can Transform Ya” (feat. Lil Wayne & Swizz Beatz)
2. “Sing Like Me”
3. “Crawl”
4. “So Cold”
5. “What I Do” (feat. Plies)
6. “Famous Girl”
7. “Take My Time” (feat. Tank)
8. “I.Y.A.”
9. “Pass Out” (feat. Eva Simons)
10. “Wait” (feat. Trey Songz & Game)
11. “Lucky Me”
12. “Fallin’ Down”
13. “I’ll Go”
14. “Girlfriend” (feat. Lupe Fiasco)
15. “Gotta Be Ur Man”
16. “For Ur Love”
17. “I Need This”
18. “I Love U”
19. “Brown Skin Girl” (feat. Sean Paul)
20. “Chase Our Love”

Tracks 14-20 can be found on the deluxe edition of the album. Listen to snippets of the seven additional songs here.

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  1. They Call me Mister

    pass! mostly fillers and technos!


  2. 10 is ciaras

    The only good songs are “Wait”, “Crawl”, and “I Can Transform Ya”. Ill download them, but ill pass on the rest. Expected more since he is trying to save his career


    anonymous Reply:

    @10 is ciaras, Expected more since he is trying to save his caree – AGREED!


    BaybiieC Reply:

    @anonymous, Be Grateful he dont need to do more his worked hard harderr than youll ever do


    BaybiieC Reply:

    @10 is ciaras, its actually good he has worked hard be grateful for the 20 that are on the album it normally would be 10


  3. Cameo

    Wow this was just horrible. I am so glad his career is down the tubes. This just is more proof that he fails. Its so filtered and fake sounding. Not to mention that it ALL sounds the same. I would give it an F. Not just because I hate him, but because this was such a disappointment. Even from him.


    Money , Money And Crap Reply:

    @Cameo, its awesome album compared to rihannas crap filled album rated r that supports nudity and smoking (thats killing my mum) . This Is Fun . Way More Artists Like Plies , Ciara , P Diddy , Lil Wayne , Swizz Beatz , Soulja Boy And More Support Him Than Rihanna . You Dont Know Fun Music When It Stares You In The Eye . But It Could Have Better Cover Art . BUT ITS STILL AWESOME BITCHS ! MECHANICAL DUMMY FOR LIFE! DONT HATE


  4. kanyeezy

    interesting cover art. i bet he’s off to hit rihanna with that guitar


    Robin Reply:

    @kanyeezy, Lmfao thats effed upp.


    Facebook User Reply:


    hahahahaha, that is horrible but hilarious! At least Rihanna came with something fresh and dark with her new album. This is the same old with Breezy. I’m gonna breeze right past this one at the store.


    chi Reply:

    @Facebook User, lol…breeze pass this one definitely! i read his interview about ladies always being around him! i guess more ladies to bite and


    Money , Money And Crap Reply:

    @chi, get over it bitches . ur bitches haters . hes gotten help and hes fine build a bridge and get ova it.


  5. Jordan

    dis album i think to my opinion will sell more than rihanna…we’ll c which one will come on top


    what? Reply:

    @Jordan, Do not compare them they have two differnt styles!


  6. Lebo(CaribbeanBoi)

    I luv “SO COLD” he’s beggin Riri back in that song, its a gr8 song


    Elijah Reply:


    you are SOOO RIGHT!!!! I had SO COLD on my iPod for weeks now- and i was like if Chris doesn’t put this on his CD


    Seriously its really good…

    should be his next single…

    and Chris sounds just like Trey Songz on “Wait” i knew it… trey songz putting his spin on someone else’s track


  7. Dave

    It’s cool. Too many ballads thou, idk I might buy it just because i’m desperate for a male artist album, and my fave Lupe on the Deluxe Edition


    dan Reply:

    @Dave, haha see your point

    i’m waiting for some good male albums…but the only cds i’ve bought in the last time were from females


  8. Jeff

    This is the best from better than the 1st album and exclusive, production is better and vocally it’s better. He’s a lot of growth.

    I think people that are hating on it is because he went more Pop/Techno/Alternative then more R&B/Hip Hop.


  9. anonymous

    Not so bad. Its enough to make you want to hear more. I hope Chris has grown some on this album – artistically and vocally. Sounds very disco. Too many simple titles, I hope the songs prove themselves. He’s got a lot of potential. 20 songs for a deluxe album is crazy – in a good way. I strictly believe content is king. So, I wish this kid all the best, he’s up against a lot. Crawl still seems his overall best…

    Would Like To Hear In Full:
    Pass Out
    Lucky Me
    Falling Down
    I’ll Go
    Brown Skin Girl


  10. .

    god i cant get over how dumb he looks on the cover, it just doesnt look right. If you were to put a piece of paper over him above the waist, so you could only see he legs, i would swear he is a girl


  11. AAA

    Some songz are are good and some are ok , but it’s deft better than rihanna’s albulm listening


    jacq Reply:

    ….mannn Rihanna’s “Rated R” album is murder…snippets do no justice homie.


    100% Nikehead Reply:

    @jacq, thats true Rihannas Rated R album is insane whoever said the album is wack dont know music. Its probobly her best album as far as growth.


  12. Taijmonae Parker

    its a typical chris brown album it will sell cause hes chris brown just like rihanna will sell cause shes rihanna. they have large fan bases that no matter what they will still buy the cd. its ok some tracks r good most r just forgettable


  13. Dillon_68

    You know you can’t really go by previews right? But so far, I like what I hear! Could be a bit more consistent though.


  14. 100% Nikehead

    WOW! Just from the snippets i can tell im gonna really like this album it sounds so well put together. Uptempo, midtempo and ballads. On top of that the deluxe edition has 6 more songs. This will be CB’s best album!!!


  15. Mimi

    I can tell i’mma LOVE this album. Buying it as soon as it hits shelves. Sure did download Rihanna’s….her album ain’t worth it AT ALL. Chris however i’ll spend my money on


  16. Justin D Dot

    FAMOUS GIRL, I.Y.A, GIRLFRIEND can go ["IMO"] but i’ll pick it up…..kinda wish he could get that auto-tune monkey off his back and sing some damn songs…..


  17. Jay

    Yes I can’t wait!!! Love I.Y.A. Famous Girl, Crawl, Lucky Me, Fallin Down, I’ll Go, Girlfriend, I Love U and Brown Skin is hot!!! And oh man I’m so glad he put So Cold on the album that’s one of his best songs! It’s a lot of verity in sound…it’samazing! I think this is gonna be Chris best album! Man just from the 30 sec previews I can’t even pick a favorite!


  18. Meli

    I’ve notice the people that are 50/50 on it, is his R&B/Hip Hop audiences. His Pop/R&B audiences loves it the urban side are kinda iffy on it, but me I love it. It’s different and you can tell this album has like 80s feel to it plus vocally there’s growth. I like when artist try new genres and that’s what Chris did but he also still has his urban feel.


  19. miss L

    why are some people bashing him.. get over yourself


  20. woepwoep

    i like what i hear, you know it a know it hes gonna sell allot, it dont matter what happend al the haters were always been his haters so..what ever


  21. ....

    i like take my time.. just my jamm


  22. a

    That is the most ludicrous cover I have ever seen. Nice spray can, poser.


  23. Pucci

    i actually like a lot of the ballads. i’m a big fan of ballads anyway. though I could definitley do without “I.Y.A” & “Girlfriend”, they’re just too… BLAH for me. IMO, “Crawl” is definitley one of the best tracks on the album & perhaps one of his best songs to date. I will buying his album, just like i’ll be buying rihanna’s.


  24. Abbie

    well i really like it i dont no why u lot dont its diferent from his other albums

    they will sound better n the CD coz it will be better quality

    i prefer this than the rihanna album coz hers doesnt sound good i need to hear the rest of these songs i love them
    & his career isnt over atall he has stil got alot of fans out there dont hate u know u will be buyin the album lmaoo


  25. E-ROC

    I LOVE IT! It shows his growth as an artist and for those who are so quick to trash it, you must not be true music aficianado’s b/c he brings it with this album. He gives you a different vibe and you can tell that he experimented with different sounds so as not to sound like his previous albums. For everyone, growth is essential and I am LOVING how he is growing as an artist, the rest (as he stated) I leave to GOD who is the only one whose judgement counts.


    Tayler Reply:

    @E-ROC, I agree with you 100%. I can bet most of the negative opinions are from those who haven’t even given these 30 sec snips a listen; they’re just determined to hate anything Chris does. True music lovers will find some songs, if not all of them enjoyable & worthy of applause. I’ve followed Chris’ music since his self titled debut album thru Exclusive-The Forever Edition & unlike any other artist, have enjoyed EVERY song on each album. That’s quite an accomplishment for a person of age 20. I grew up with some of the “greats” from all genre’s fm 70s, 80s, 90s & on, so I know if Chris continues at this level, he & his music will be long-lived…Peace & Blessings to Chris, his music deserves to be heard…


  26. Tammie

    This album is the best I’ve heard coming for Chris. I love the new sound and his voice has improved so much. I love the Pop Techno RnB feel of the album. Those who dont like it are probably strictly Rnb/Hip Hop lovers but what people fail to see is that Chris Brown is a crossover artist. His music will not continue to stay in just the RnB/Hip Hop lane…he is experimenting with new genres and thats what shows growth in an artist. I LOVE IT! I will be buying this album on Dec. 8th to show support.


  27. Shanice Webb



  28. c

    i loveee the album..i hear allot of different cb what i like.. people from different gerne will love his music 2 thats very clever of him.. i love almost all the songs on his album,.. great job CB keep doing ya thinggg!!!!!!!!!!!


  29. katie

    dont comment if some of you hate him? this was just for the fans not all the haters on chris, he did a mistake he shouldnt of done but hes appologized and clearly wont be doing it again jeeez stop hatin on him. dont bother listening to it if you dont like him?
    i will defo be buying this album sounds pretty good to me, cant wait to listen to the full songs :)


  30. a.z

    GOO BREEEEEEEEEEEZYYYYYYYYYYYY let all the haters HATEE it will make you more succesfuller


  31. goooeediezz

    wauw..falling down.. beautiful song..cb is greatt


  32. budi

    I actually like it. Every song seems to be pretty good to me. I’ll probably go and get.


  33. long island exile

    #12, 13, & 14 sound good (…so far)

    was hoping “smash” would make the cut… “guess who stepped in the room, it yuh bwoy breezy, hit dem wi’ de autotune” lol.

    “girlfriend” reminds me of (one of the rarely good) ashley simpson songs. i guess cb is flipping it w/ a male version. looking forward to lupe’s verse on that.

    also… too many guest appearances. wha gwan? with an exception to Lupe, all those other guests should of been scratched. i feel that way about your lead single too. if you’re aiming for MJ/Prince territory, quit it with all these features mayne. but whatev… just my lowly opinion.

    i’ll still support u chris. bless up


  34. bobs

    Fail. Snooze fest. O my god. 21 songs? Even for a deluxe, this sounds like generic crust.

    Everyone is comparing this to Rihanna’s album… He beat her to a bloody pulp, and so some hope to see her fail.. or stomp Chris into the ground.

    Her album is way better only because she tried something new. Chris should have taken more time off, did more guest appearances on hot tracks and come back next summer a reformed man with a hot dance album.

    To release a rushed half-ass album up against hers, after SO SHORT a time was just a terrible move. Maybe one that will destroy his career for good.


    goooeediezz Reply:

    @bobs, you r crazy whahahahahah ur a haterr


    sorrytryagain Reply:

    @bobs, Just b/c rih tried sumthin new doesn’t make it great. “russian roulette” was trash which is why her ppl was tryna put out “wait your turn”(which was also trash). so now they going wit “hard” which is a little better. n cb’s career is far from ova, his album so far sounds waaay better than her “rushed half-ass album”. did u 4get she did do it in 9mos.


  35. sosicc_witswagga

    my joints sing like me and crawl are my fav songs that ive heard in full from the snippets imma go with famous girl, take my time, lucky me, fallin down and ill go are good from the snippets but got to hear them in full the rest of em look promising from the title but imma have to wait and c when it comes out so i can download it on the computer cuz the only cds i but are my girl BEYONCE cus she well worth the money LUV YU BEYONCE.


  36. Kear

    Love it

    Cnt wait for the ab\lbum >12-8-09<

    My Fav is Take ur time too
    Man I cnt wait to hear the full version


  37. AWEA



  38. Elijah

    @long island exile,

    SMASH should have dfinitely been on this album… i forgot about that one…..

    Well its another song for my album then….

    they probably figured one sex song is enough right now or it would be to much backlash

    but SMASH had an awesome beat…that should have been on the album- but SO COLD im happy is on the album


  39. ukLovesCbreezy

    im gettin 5 copies of graffiti one for me & the rest for my fam!! doin my bit 2 make breezy no1!
    team breezy letttsss gooo!! ;)

    i like some of rihannas songs too but i’ll download her 4 freee LoL aint worth me spendin my £££


  40. tell'em

    Its aight. His stans will worship it but like most, I’m not that impressed and that doesn’t make me a hater little kids. Crawl is one of the better tracks on here.


  41. sueee

    Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn BREEZY’S BAKKKKKKKKK!


  42. Philly

    I don’t care if it’s corny or not, when is this album getting leaked to the net? They leak Rihanna’s and everybody elses but can’t leak this one any time soon?


  43. arie

    It’s different, I like different. Nothing wrong with it, any of the songs. Haters just want to hate, no matter what any of the songs sound like, you haters was going to find something wrong and critisize. Why must you continue to go on his sites if you don’t like him, yall are really ignorant, and really need to grow up and move on. Yall probalbly go on sites of other celebs you don’t like and hate, pathetic! I for one will be buying the CD, continue on Chris, haters will continue to hate a 24 hour job for them and nothing else.


  44. Amanda

    Yall are crazyyyyy…i think this his best album by far. Definitely beats Exclusive…..He will do just fine with sales!!! Keep doin you breezy, Iknow ill be buying his album..matter fact im buying a couple copies..already preordered it!!!


  45. Lilmznina

    Damn breezy is
    bak and fo
    tha haters
    u no breezy
    is better than riri
    riri song is
    jst about sex
    and shit….
    Newaiiz this is
    a breezy page..
    I dnt want to talk
    about riri anymore…
    So graffti is all
    we gotta talk about..
    Love u chris brown


  46. whatevayallmad

    all yall gonna be mad as hell when his album hits number one watch….


  47. Kodie Blue

    For Real.. I’m So Glad to see Mad Support FOr this Man. No Lie Yo! That girl ate up the media attention like it was goin out of style over this. And I understand that she was a multiplatinum selling artist, but the altercation. A less than three minute event in there life, gave her the edge she needed and recently admitted to wanting to make her album so sweet? But she says she wishes it didn’t happen at the same time? I use to actually respect RIhanna, and Love her as an artist more than any artist before but reading and watching interviews and listening has done nothing but make me Truly Visualize whats in her heart, and thats Fame, Fuck Love, Fashion, and Cameras and lights.. He’s been working on his album for the last two years yo! Grafitti was well in the making long before the RIhanna altercation and is something he wanted to go back to and finish after the Altercation.. This album is NOT RUSHED! TRUST ME! What your about to hear is going to forever change the way People look at R&B and Pop music seperately and together.. And @Bob! Rihanna would be famous today without Chris.. Your right. But she fed off this shit like a Locust or some weird shit. I understand that its her M.O. as an artist to use real life situations to inspire herself artistically and naturally, but Damn. She says his name in every fuckin interview, and its I love him, but I’m over it.. I miss him, but I’m over it.. To, one day I woke up and looked at things differently to no more talking about chris in interviews to Actually yes I do still miss him at times, and hotels are a constant reminder of our times together, and so is his music, and our favorite songs on the radio to, No more talking about him again.. And Chris, although she feels the need to express her opinion about the event that took place, I wish to remain silent on the matter out of respect for her. Until I finally heard his big boy interview. This boy was so much more of an adult in the aftermath of it all then her refined regurgitated ass doin the wave ever was?? So, blonde so gucci so filtered the fuck out by the so called best producers in the world.. so much money spent ass, when in comparison CHris’s new shit is raw and uncut, the real deal swingin holyfield.. As bad as that sounds.. Listen to his big boi interview on youtube or


  48. Ryan Curtis

    Woah, already pre-ordered this 2 weeks back, already EXCITED. Com’on chris!


  49. Imagine

    Rihannas album is mediocre… Three songs.. Asides for the singles.. photgraphs is the best song and it plays for too damn that messes it up..Hard is typical.. FireBomb.. is hot..Cold Case Love is hot..And Rockstar is hot..thats where it

    these C.Brown snippets sound hot… if yall think this is whack..yall dont know music.


  50. musicexpert

    An artist is a person that puts thierselves in their songz.Yes it is to please their fans but to also occupy and entertain the ones who listen to it. Music is to inspire, encourage, entertain, and bring out the real you. The type of music you listen to mirrors the person you are.I think Chris Brown has grown and tried something different, which has let him grow not just as a artist and public figure but as a MAN. So if you want to have disdain because of his mistake go ahead you have your oppinion but don’t blame it on the music…..Thankz and God bless….I heart you CB!!!!!


  51. anonymous

    dis album iz crazii…. bludz u mst be crazy 2 bloody sai dat rihannna is beta dan chris r u kidding meeeeee!!!!! he mde a mistake n nw hz payin 4 it SO GT OVA IT U BUNCH OF LOOSERZZZZZZ….. i.y.a is a siiik tune!!!!!!! clean ur ears lol….
    he is da bst n alwaiz will rihannna deservd it da bloody satanist n 1 mre fing HE IS SEXIIIIIII!!!!!



  52. anonymous

    N he will do good in life i will mke sre of it
    i dnt cre if u idiots dnt buy his albums i will cz im a true chris brown fan

    n so r da lt dat agree wit me


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