Video: 50 Cent Is a ‘Twilight’ Fan

50 Cent admits to Jimmy Kimmel that he is a fan of the popular Twilight series and even attended the premiere for the latest film The Twilight Saga: New Moon. When asked if he is pro-vampire or pro-werewolf, Fiddy responded, “I’m pro-money.” Someone get this man a talk show.

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  1. kekeluvsu

    you are so right. 50 is so personally and by that i mean he’s very approachable. I love that about him and he keeps is 100% with you and he’s funny as hell. Whether you like his music or not, the man is a talent.


    UserQQQQ Reply:

    @kekeluvsu, the word you’re looking for is ‘personable’. sheesh read a book or something.


  2. Star

    I love this guy 50 is so funny Best album of the year


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