Jennifer Lopez Rehearses for AMAs

Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo leaps into action while rehearsing for the 2009 American Music Awards at the NOKIA Theatre L.A. LIVE on Thursday (Nov. 19). She will perform “Louboutins,” the first single from her new album love? at Sunday’s show.

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  1. Jeremy

    its gone be a gud performance i can not wiat until the jayz and alicia keys performance


    drtash Reply:

    @Jeremy, Jay-z and Alicia Keys performing again???I hope lil’mama will be attending!!!!I’m sure she’ll make another epic entrance!!!lol


  2. BrandyLuva

    JHo we all know u stole this song from Brandy. Besides that u look like a guy in these pictures!


    Catie Reply:

    @BrandyLuva, delusional much? Do you know how many songs get passed around from artist to artist? If an artist passes up on a song, another artist has the right to claim it. Did you know Rihanna’s huge hit “Umbrella” was first offered to Mary J. Blige? Mary passed on it so i guess you can say that Rihanna stole the song from Mary then.

    I can’t wait to see Jennifer’s performance, she’s going to kill it with the dancing.


    BrandyLuva Reply:

    @Catie, delusional? no way ma’am. i know that Mary didn’t want “Umbrella” so you dont have 2 tell me that.

    The thing is Brandy actually wanted the song for herself but when she split with her record label, J-Ho took the song 4 herself and Bran couldn’t do anything against it anymore.
    But we all know that Brandy’s demo of it is gonna shit on J-Ho’s cute version anyways. Bran’s worst song (not that she does have a bad song) shits on J-Ho’s entire career…thats all I’m gonna say, Catie babe.


    J.Lo Queen Reply:


    No J.LO did not take the song from her, Do your research, or learn the business before you spread rumors that aren’t true!The song never belonged to Brandy, When the song was written, it was written through Epic, the label that Brandy no longer belongs to, but at the time she did. When she was let go, the song was left with the record label and the real owners the ones that wrote the song. So What wee they suppose to do let it sit? No! They gave it to the hottest chick that has swagger and is going to kill it at the Ama’s!

    So suck it up!


  3. Marquis

    J Lo is gonna kill it


  4. Dsabadmofo

    She’s gonna kill that performance! I can’t wait!


  5. flirt000

    I hope she break her neck in those “Louboutins” on Sunday night at the AMA’s.


  6. girlygirl.

    Go Jen! I love the song!


  7. yaya



    LarLee88 Reply:


    yeah cus this bytch know for stilling songs


  8. lindsay

    you hispanics that are so proud of jlo crack me up. shes a talentless ass has been! but then again, there arent any hipanic chicks that can really sing like mariah so i guess i understand. shes all you have and thats just sad.


    Omon Imo Reply:

    @lindsay, Mariah ain’t hispanic dumb ass!!! She is more like mulatto. SMDH, calling Mariah hispanic.


    lindsay Reply:

    @Omon Imo, didnt say she was hispanic dumbass!!!! i said hispanics dont have no bad bitches that can really sing lik mariah!!!!


  9. JloStealingSongs

    We actually have La India & Joan Rosario which both SHITS on jlowstealingSongs & even Mariah which is a creole afro-boricua by the way … peeps need 2 start doin research! anyway I heard Brandy was rappin in her version & shittin with her vocal harmonies, runs & falsettos …she just shits with her tone alone IMO … Jlo needs vocal lessons from Brandy & La India!


  10. FICO

    i agree with @JLO QUEEN 100%

    she gunna murder it at the AMA’s!

    As for @LINSDAY…THIS BITCHH IS A RASCIST! Shes always gotta say suttin bout hispanics in a bad way on this site…it aint the first time u commented on this site and always got suttin to say about hispanic people…lil slore u can use ur words wisely cuz best believe u keep talking like that in person…one of these “hispanics” u degrade so badly will change ya life…K bYE


  11. lindsay

    im not a rascist at all, ive just been around alot of mexicans who talk mad shit about black people but all they do is try to be like blacks!they listen to black music, talk black slang, but behind their backs its mayate this, mayate that! you know its true! stop trying to do rap and r&b and stick with mariachi if your so disgusted by black people and their culture! it just turns me off about them, thats all.


  12. natsaharaye

    i cant wait omg its gonna be hot


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