Video: Toni Braxton f/ Trey Songz – ‘Yesterday’

Toni Braxton

Toni Braxton duets with Trey Songz in the video for “Yesterday,” the first single from her Atlantic Records debut, due in February. The Billie Woodruff-directed clip features cameos from L.A. Lakers Ron Artest and Shannon Brown as well as Brooke Hogan. Toni will present the award for Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Male Artist at Sunday’s AMAs.

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  1. Harlem girl

    Nice song, horrific video, at least not Trey Songz scenes


  2. dan

    hot song, dont know if its the right comeback single
    but i love it and it makes me excited about her album, so i would buy the album but not the single

    the long haired black wig looks horrible


  3. Kidd

    This is a great duet just because its not like the rest of the songs out doesnt mean that it not good.This is really r&b not like the rest.
    Also is that Brooke hogan in the video


  4. davidf

    i love her sensuality ,one of my favorite singers. true singer true vocalist.LOVE YOU very good video.


  5. rhea

    dun really lyke da video except for treys parts…buh luv da song



    ladies and gentlemen this a TRUE DIVA,plz u dont see that everyday ,respect……….luv the song and hot video,cant wait for the album


  7. LaMont

    I like the video and song.It’s good seeing and hearing something new from Toni Braxton.


  8. Giselle

    This video is, well no comment. Trey messed up the song.


  9. (T) In ThE ZoNe

    okay…its goood not great…the song is hot…the video is okay but not bad Toni…


  10. Lebo(CaribbeanBoi)

    Nice video, i always liked this song .. Trey songz video part was just added in .. overall nice vid Toni


  11. Catie

    It’s weird, i was just wondering yesterday when the music video for this song will come out. Honestly, i’m a HUGE Toni Braxton fan and the video was decent. Toni looked gorgeous but i didn’t like how they added Trey into the song. The song was perfectly fine without Trey.


  12. Degnan

    Brilliant song!

    …crap video.


  13. Lil' Nello

    WOOOO WEEEE she looking sexy as hell! Now I know & remember why she was 1 of my 1st celeb crushes! She always looked good no disrespect but she definitely a MILF! Track is dope to which is the good thing about her that she could actually sing to! Can’t wait for her new album!


  14. Kilyan

    haS she been thru surgery …? WatS wronG with her noSe…?

    OMG ! Trey Songs….GRRRRRRRRR !


  15. Stephonne

    Like the video actually… Just not the wig changes, lol.


  16. Jay

    This is one of the most beautiful duets I’ve heard…they sound really good together! Great video too! And Toni’s has one of the most amazing voices of all time


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