Video: Mary J. Blige Visits ‘Lopez Tonight’

Mary J. Blige guested on TBS’ “Lopez Tonight” on Monday. The “finest thing to come out of Yonkers” showed her sense of humor and spoke about attending her first baseball game during the World Series. She also performed her new single “I Am” from December 21st’s Stronger withEach Tear.

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  1. Catie

    I’m loving her new song, it’s such a feel good song.


  2. Agreed

    Funny interview .. Hot Performance !!!
    I’m so excited to get Mary J’s new album !!!!


  3. Dsabadmofo

    I like this song. She sounds really good too.


  4. Darrell H-Town

    Mary Done that………………..


  5. shutitdown5

    This single has been climbing the charts tremendously compared to the one or any regular single.. its going to debut a hit on the charts.. she’s goin on every show Oprah twice Leno Kimmel Today show Extreme Maker over Home edition plus the already aired AMA even George Lopez show.. an amazing song with her perfect vocals each time i see not only a hit but at 730,000 1st wk sales plus the fact its coming out on the Dec 22. plus her reality show to premier in Jan. I can’t wait for the next single i heard a preview of of few NOT THE LEAKED ones.. yesss we got soullll Mary back and we got the hiphop boppin Mary back too big big big sales some of Mariah Fan base didn’t buy her album cause she flopped and Mariah fans like Mary and Mariahs a big fat seller when it comes to this.. Mary gun’ have another Breakthrough no matter what these haters post up in these comments.. All the other artist stans is gun’ be upset she did this after everybody put their album out this year and all flops.. Lolol that means more sales for Ms. Mary so much promotion now jam packed on national tv events n shows n movies.. big big big for Mary Mark my words watch what i tell ya’ll


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