Lady Gaga Unleashes ‘Monster’ at Best Buy

Dr. Dre and Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga attracted a monstrous crowd to Best Buy in Los Angeles on Monday (Nov. 23) where thousands of her “little monsters” lined up to see their favorite pop star. Gaga delivered pizzas to those who camped out as early as the night before. Dr. Dre offered his support as she stayed until the late evening signing copies of her new EP The Fame Monster and Heartbeats headphones.

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  1. irene

    it’s all about Lady Gaga, fabulous!^^


  2. me

    gaga lookin hot


  3. andy@chicks_n_kicks

    this chick is huge


  4. joe



  5. ERIC

    I dont think she realizes how big she is becoming. Honestly, I thought she would have been a one-hit wonder when I first heard ‘Just Dance’. Now, I can’t get enough of her. My ipod is gonna explode with the continuous Gaga replay. She is simply an amazing yet humble artist. I LOVE YOU GAGA!!!!!!


    dan Reply:

    @ERIC, exactly what i thought! and she is just getting better and better!


  6. WISE 1

    All thanks and credit should go to Akon cause if not for Akon nobody would have known lady gaga


  7. Andre Le Dale

    I got my copy. Simply amazing 8 songs of hits not 20 songs of shits. Gaga is my second favorite artist after Janet Jackson.


  8. HipHopDiva

    gotta love her! shes so fresh!


  9. Micki

    Dr Dre looks old in these pics


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