Lady Gaga to Don Latex for the Queen

Lady Gaga

What do you wear in the presence of royalty? If you’re Lady Gaga, the answer is simple: latex.

Gaga, who will perform for Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II on December 7, is not toning down her outrageous fashion for royalty. “I’m sure it’ll be some latex fashion venture,” she told “Extra” of her planned outfit. “She called me for a reason. She wants a good Gaga show!”

The “Bad Romance” singer joked that she’s had experience with queens of her own. “I am ready for the queen. [Even though] I have enough queens every night for a lifetime!”

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  1. bibi

    yes bish Gaga is taken over !


  2. fi

    Gaga works hard
    she sometimes ends up wearing david bowies 70ies and madonnas 90ies laundry
    but she works hard.
    Many americans will not understand what she talks about when she talks about her inspiration from “berlin in the 20ies” and “german industrial sounds”
    , but who said americans have to understand what they buy!?
    werk it white girl, werk it!


  3. alicias a homewrecker

    this chick will be irrelevant in two years…her sound is starting to sound the same.


  4. DJ Triumph

    no fi is right she work hard.


  5. Enbie

    Personally I feel GaGa’s here to stay! No way will she be irrelevant in 2 years, she’s too driven and passionate about her music to just fade into oblivion. Also, I agree with what “fi” said completely. Love GaGa, she gets major props from me :D


  6. Word?

    I thought she was sitting in a wow..who makes her clothes? Lovegame…all time favorite!


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