Rihanna’s ‘Rated R’ Release Party


Rihanna is dangerous—literally. The bad girl wore a spiky gold number to the release party for Rated R at Juliet Supperclub in New York City on Tuesday (Nov. 24). RiRi kept it in the family, popping bottles with her Def Jam labelmates Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, and Fabolous, plus Jay-Z and Diddy.

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  1. Shak.

    all them flops LMAO.


    wtf Reply:

    @Shak., have to agree…smh…

    one of the worst release partys for a bad album..this sucks…


    MG Reply:

    @Shak., I couldn’t agree more.

    Rihanna album is .99 and she is still expected to sell 162K.

    SMH…..where all the Rihanna stans at that were calling Bey a flop. To date her album has sold 2.5 million in the US and it sold over 480k it first week and after over a year on the charts its No. 32 on the hot 200.

    What you say….not to me, she ain’t no DIVA!


    Jay2009 Reply:

    @MG, “What you say… not to me, she ain’t no DIVA!” love U for that lol.

    Poor girl, she just made some wrong choices, a bad new image, wack tracks on her LP, crappy publicity and no singing lessons learned. I’m waiting for the next album, next year, and we’ll see what she’ll be doing when her five albums contract with Def Jam is over.


    10 is ciaras Reply:

    @Jay2009, Rated R. is gonna come out number 4 or 5 next week. On, billboard a story is titled ” Is Susan Boyle great enough to triumgh Gaga and Gamert”. That means their in line for the top three. Sorry, but it doesn’t look like this is the number one shes waiting for.


  2. Robert Loves Ciara

    All of yall are some haters, it’s such a shame that people would be so negative to someone trying to be successful, but I beleive it’s Rihanna who’s gonna have the last laugh Rihanna-Hard ft Jeezy is number 10 on itunes… she’s probably gonna have so many hits frm this album…..smh


    Jaybee Reply:

    @Robert Loves Ciara,

    Yet the album is a huge failure..Letting Suzan Boyle, Adam Lambert && Lady Gaga slay her, she thought all this publicity about chris would give her a #1 album but obviously backfired..SHES A DAMN FAILURE GET OVER IT!!


    goooeediezz Reply:

    @Robert Loves Ciara, haters..? we just dont like her music, do we MUST like her music bc everything that happend to her? naah life goeszz on… reall talent will always win


    Test123 RT: Rihanna Review Reply:

    @Robert Loves Ciara, this album sucks because it promotes smoking , nudity and has dark themes . shes only 21 she shouldnt be releasing stuff like that . its the worst album yet .


  3. samantha

    wasn’t RR # 10 on i tunes for one week.That doesn’t mean thing.


  4. me again

    I love Karina Pasian that is where the promotion should be behind


  5. Giselle

    Where was Jay-Z, Ne-Yo, Jeezy? all of these people are wack.


  6. Iuri

    I don’t care about Rihanna, but oh! Karina Pasian was there. Love her, can’t wait to hear new material.


  7. Oh Baby!!!

    Karina Pasian GOT NEXT..”Stole my heart” and “Love Is” is going to be huge if she releases it.


  8. Nat

    Rihanna is amazing! It was so brave to release such an daring album! I can’t find one single track that I don’t like. Haters can hate but the official album reviews are great! Trust me… in a year every pop singer will copy Rihanna…. oh shoot, they do that already!


    Test123 RT: Rihanna Review Reply:

    @Nat, bullshit im not hating on rihanna i just dont like the album because it has nudity , smoking and bad themes . shes only 21 she should be releasing something better than this . i expect more.


  9. bodacious

    hey why all of the mean mugging riri , shes doing just find and all of you who don’t like her why don’t you move on down the road, and find you another shade tree to get up under.


  10. bodacious

    @iuri you mean you had to tell the world that you don’t like riri. honey no one cares who you like just go with your heart and if it’s not riri then join bro rabbit we aint mad at you.


  11. neddir

    Why all the hate? 1 week sales is nothing. Rihanna reign just won’t let up….
    Learn to build people up and stop tearing them down…The negativity must stop people…that is what holds us back as a people…
    Rihanna will be a success whether you like it or not…Rated R is a critical acclaim!!!! I see you aiming at her pedestal!!!!


  12. da vinci

    I love Rihanna and her album is amazing!!!

    regardless of what number she comes her album will not flop rihanna is an international superstar. Rated R may go gold in the US but Triple platinum worldwide


  13. young black and gifted

    its the same thing on every rihanna post, the haters comment the most talking about how they dont give a damn about her.lol. looks like u do.


  14. 10 is ciaras



  15. rockwitu

    RIhanna’s album is not the only album that will be discounted. MP3s are $3 off so if you wanna clown Rihanna be prepared to clown others.

    Beyawnsay is still a flop! NO matter how you try to clown Rihanna, Beyawnsays I Am Such A Fraud flopped and didn’t surpass Rihanna’s GGGB sales why you think she’s now doing collaboration’s to stay relevant.

    The weekend ain’t over and you Bey stans are just mad because you can’t say Gaga shut down Rihanna because Susan Boyle shut them all down.

    And if you know Rihanna’s US history, she is not a bigger seller in America first week…but she kicks as$ in the long run!


  16. Beyonce Stan

    what’s good with all this hate?? smh, dissapointed and embarassed for u.

    i don’t think riri is concerned about #s like that…
    in the long run, this album will pass the test of time.
    bey=mj… rih=prince

    prince was not as commericially successful as mj, but both made their mark. esp w/ how this generation bites prince’s 1999 & Purple Rain albums madd hard… i believe rih will have the same effect for future generations.

    bigg up to rih for taking a chance, and NOT comming out with an all too easy four-on-the-floor david guetta-esque album. now keep on pimping out that dubstep… ignore the haters.

    btw… copped beys vegas dvd. OMG!


  17. bodacious

    riri album was 13.99 at walmarts today and all haters, good and kind people do yourself a favor and go to the apple itune store enter this: apple itune top ten charts click they look up toward the top of the page where it says choose album charts and check under top ten albums, pop asnd than r&b soul and take you a pen and some paper and do a little writing like what places riri is #1 through out the three different charts and then ask yourself if she is making any waves the truth will set you free?????????????


  18. bodacious

    riri is not at the top but you can see that she is well of into the race. as you look you will see splashes of ririall the way through and then ask your self about the word f-l-o-p why so much drama for a young artist just tryimg to make it out here in this old mean world and do it without robbing a bank.


  19. bodacious

    and besides that there’s no one trying to tear taylor are miley down and they are young and working . riri has a lot of good miles left and she loves her job and she do not mind working hard. thats why she is in london tonight getting ready for the x factor, thats why she will be on the ellen show the dec. 2 and do a concert in nyc on the 5 of dec she is on about her business and she gets kicked for working gheese???????? and thats why she will do a show on new years eve and get paid 500.000 for that show and that is why she will tour next year in the spring give the young artist a break. on a thousand mile journey the first thing that you have to do and the hardest is starting on that journey and riri is well on her way.


  20. bodacious

    also riri has been named among a great group of other artist ad one of the artist of the century. that goes to show that someone is loving her work ethic and love her body of work!!!!!the only people that i saw in the picture that i knew was pink, paul mc, amy wi, and rihanna.and all of the other artist in the pictur are from other countries and many different places!!!


  21. LadyShea

    A lot of her clothes now are hazardous! :P


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