Video: Whitney Houston Does ‘DWTS’

Whitney Houston

Donny Osmond may have taken the crown, but Whitney Houston gave winning performances of “Million Dollar Bill” and “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” on the season finale of “Dancing with the Stars.” Looking good, Whit.

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  1. dr

    idk this was good but i cant help but point out she lost the agility in her voice and the clarity
    and when she tries to hit the some high notes she cant do as well. her voice sounds scratchy n tired.


    Joyams Reply:

    @dr, How could you criticize her voice???


  2. ron.e

    she looked banging but i agree with previous comment; she showed quite clearly that ‘the voice’ is not what it once was.. her phrasing especially is umm.. i don’t even know how to put it.


  3. king

    i was high when i seen this last night so now that im actually in my right mind i can truely say this was her worst preformance ever it sounds like bad karaoke!

    hopely they will keep her off the stage and get her in voice therephy for the grammys because drugs has ruined her voice and it seems like she still on them cause her voice would be better if she wasnt!


  4. king

    ps you do look good though its the best ive seen you look since my love is your love days!

    Good Luck On The Road To Recover Nippy!


  5. Giselle

    She has a killer stage presence.


  6. GeeMan

    Her energy was great but her voice was a little weak her voice needs some rest because there is still some left.


  7. Catie

    Honestly, i think the voice is there but i just think it needs rest alot more. For instance, her voice sounded really good on Sunday night but tonight, you could tell she was losing it again.

    She looked great though.


  8. john duperon

    ain’t got nothing but love for whitney.


  9. Where's Bobby?

    Why does she always dress like a middle aged black woman? And I cannot possibly be the only one that thing she looked high as hell? And, did anybody else notice she doesn’t sing anymore? Is it me or does she just talk her songs?


  10. jimmy

    whitney is looking good and she still has the voice otherwise she wouldnt be makeing money while these haters arent……


  11. Crystal

    I heard she has had surgery on her vocal cords and if not she should! I sing and over time my voice has gotten stronger yet if ur vocal cords are already weak than seemingly continued singing is gonna cause further harm! I think she needs time (w/o cigarettes included) and she may gain her ability b/c she is talking the songs now! And yes she looks older now! I was wondering if her former activities has aged her


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