Video: Leona Lewis Performs on ‘Kimmel’

Hark! The herald angels sing. Leona Lewis blessed “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” with her angelic voice on Wednesday (Nov. 25), performing two selections from her sophomore album Echo, “Happy” and her new single “Outta My Head.”

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  1. Ernesto Fernandez



  2. HMM

    Her voice…beautiful.


  3. LOL

    UK finest


  4. fi

    these shoes are too big for her!
    voice is good –
    but she is overrated
    and clive needs to get some decent songs together for that poor girl…
    she still looks like an english girl dressed for a night out in London…and believe me that is not a compliment!
    average !


  5. Dave

    Love her; nice performance. I think I want her album. I love how she stays true to herself, all while trying to do something a little different. & she’s not exploring the dark side of the industry. Well at least as far as I see


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