Video: Motown 50th Anniversary Tribute

The future of Motown paid homage to the history of Motown during the 2009 United Way Thanksgiving Day Halftime Show in Detroit on Thursday (Nov. 26). The tribute included Vita Chambers (“Heatwave”), Kem (“Higher Ground”), Melanie Fiona (“I’ll Be There”), Hal Linton (“Heard It Through the Grapevine”), Shontelle (“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”), and Forever the Sickest Kids (“Dancing in the Streets”).

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  1. ugh

    hal linton was the only one i feel did a good job. i dont know who dude is, but hes got chops. the others just gave me a headache.


    drtash Reply:

    @ugh, agree about Hal linton. He was AMAZING!!!Although Melanie wasn’t bad IMO,. The others, esp. Vita Chambers, were just awful.


    ugh Reply:

    @drtash, i usually like melanie fiona, but her live performances are usually a hit and miss. i know she can “sang” but sometimes she over does it.


  2. who?

    you two are some haters.

    EVERYONE DID AWESOME. 16 yr old vita, who is more pop rock, added some pop rock into her performance. she is destined for great things. melanie fiona was great. hal was awesome doing the marvin gaye song, shontelle was really good and i liked her duet with hal. every one was great. it was a nice tribute.


  3. who?


    hal linton was awesome with his marvin gaye rendition. shontelle was really good in the duet. vita, 16 yr old from Barbados, put her pop rock influence into her performance. melanie was great.


  4. bajanyout



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