Video: Timbaland f/ Nelly Furtado & SoShy – ‘Morning After Dark’

Nelly Furtado chops it up in the kitchen in the second version of Timbaland’s “Morning After Dark” video featuring SoShy. The new edit is more or less the same as the original.

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  1. pedro

    when they’ll sell the video at itunes? will be the first or second version? i hope the second one! =d


  2. U_U

    Damn Nelly is hot as hell!


    SaveTHEQueen Reply:

    @U_U, unfortunately, SoShy is not. DX


  3. sxe_nik_xero

    SoShy reminds me of a sexy Elf Lol. But she’s nothing compared to Nelly (in vocals and beauty). Nelly should have been in the original mix and interacted with the characters.


  4. Lewis92

    OMG SOOO COOL!! Timbo & Nelly are the best! :) Love the song and the video, too! SoShy is fantastic, too!


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