New Music: Snoop Dogg f/ Brandy & Pharrell – ‘Special’

Snoop Dogg and Brandy

Brandy rapped with Timbaland and is now chillin’ with the Big Boss Snoop Dogg on “Special,” a smooth and silky collaboration from his Malice N Wonderland album. The Neptunes production also features Pharrell.

Download: Snoop Dogg f/ Brandy & Pharrell – “Special”

Audio source: You Heard That New

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  1. yizzo

    yoo dis is real it..Brandy’s vocals very relaxing…and with Pharrel it goes so well. this shuld be a single!


  2. tell'em

    This is smooth. Brandy and Pharrell sound great together and Snoop does the damn thang as usual. Single worthy indeed.


  3. Stephonne

    No one can touch Brandy’s vocals. No one. Loves it : ).


  4. alicia's a homewrecker

    Who knew an alter ego would make an artist have drive and fire to put out her best.


    McG Reply:

    @alicia’s a homewrecker, i read that this song was actually an off-cut from Snoop’s Rhythm & Gangster album back in 2003/4, before all these artists decided to have alter egos ;)

    its a nice song, it should have made the cut the first time round.


  5. REESE

    lol Brandy was just herself on this track.. Her rapping is “Bran Nu” to the world, so that’s y she did that for the rap..

    But this song is very smooth.. Pharrell sounds decent. Brandy’s runs are so silky and just flow like water.. she has always been super talented.. and she remains fresh without seeming forced!


  6. Aton

    A slick song indeed! The neptunes are my favorite producers cus there sound is so eclectic and original, no matter who bites it *cough*Ryan Leslie *cough* (whom I’m a fan of also lol).


    will Reply:

    @Aton, lol true but overall u can always tell the difference between a ryan leslie production and Neptunes production.


  7. dr

    this song is like sex on the beach lol
    very soothing vocals from both brandy n pharrell.


  8. Catie

    Wow, i feel like Brandy is everywhere lately! It’s hard to believe that her album “Human” has been out for almost a year now.


  9. Ant'tonio

    This Song Is Cool !!!


  10. Stayafro33

    I love this 90s version of Brandy and Brand NU.. I wonder if we’ll ever get a Alter Ego album type for her next record- Classic brandy on one. and Alter ego on the other. Either way i dont care.. Ill always support vocals as smooth as these!!!


  11. fi

    vocally untouched

    go Branbran


  12. DJ Triumph

    great record.


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