New Music: Chris Brown f/ Sean Paul – ‘Brown Skin Girl’

Chris Brown and Sean Paul

Chris Brown’s Graffiti will be available as a deluxe version on December 8. One of the songs that can be found on the double-disc edition is the Scott Storch-produced, reggae-flavored “Brown Skin Girl” featuring Sean Paul. Listen to the entire album here.

Download: Chris Brown f/ Sean Paul – “Brown Skin Girl”

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  1. Mike


    I don’t like the song from the first listen, maybe it will grow on me..


  2. Michelle

    It sucks.


  3. tm

    I have this song on repeat at work since I got in this AM. It is the heat! I can see Chris performing this @ Caribana, waving a Virgin Island flag (to rep Rock City who produced the song).


  4. miss.L

    i like the song 2 :D i never heard chris brown sing like that


  5. joey

    that is deff rock city featured. idk why they dont get credit, they never do. PTFAO!

    tracks hot. even though he is a monster


  6. Ghetto Fab

    Sexy body gyal anthem lol This one is definately for Rihanna. Him little brown skin gyal. Shame on you Sean Paul you supposed to be Ririh’s friend collaborating with the enemy. This was probably done before. Chris should have left the accent ALONE! I hate when Americans try to replicate a Caribbean accent. SP put it down though. The beat is nice too. Rihanna should have recorded dis tune. Could have been a nice follow up to “break it off.” Oh well. Nice tune though. And Big Up the West Indies one time!!!





  8. Mel

    You can tell chris loves him some island girls he was never pressed over doing all these reggae tunes before he started messing with Rihanna.
    Luv the song


  9. vox populi

    I like this choon. Not heard of a Scott Storch prouction for a while. CB’s West Indian accent is kinda weird next to Sean Paul’s. don’t rate him at all but this song is still nice. would be better as a summer anthem though. Thumbs up.


  10. test123

    yeah Rock City sings the hook. glad to see Scott Storch back. hot beat!


  11. 100% Nikehead

    WOAHHHHHH THIS SONG IS FIREEEEE! Rock City definately wrote the record u can tell. It should actually be CB ft Sean Paul and Rock city but i guess since they wrote the record there not featured on it. This should definately be a single, if CB drops this record in the summer, its a wrap!


  12. bijan

    I love it!
    Chris brown/ Scott Storch is BACK!!!
    They’re the ultimate duo


  13. kathy

    brap brap i love this song but its weired hearing him tryin to sing like a jamaican/caribbean accent lool but i love it thought chris mi will be brown skin girl yaaah and give yu sum sunshine up in ur wrld love looool


  14. lebo (caribbeanboi)

    Its nice, i wont lie .. Chris doing it Caribbean style ..


  15. torchplay

    Chris sounding like a caribbean guy that left the islands 17 yrs ago..big tune tho!…nice


  16. Danasha



  17. Shanelle

    I love it so much but i love jason more


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