Video: Alicia, Aretha, & Shakira Rock Around the Christmas Tree

Aretha Franklin

Alicia Keys and Shakira got in the holiday spirit by performing on NBC’s “Christmas in Rockefeller Center.” Alicia sang “Little Drummer Girl” on a rooftop while Shakira heated up Rockefeller Plaza with her sexy rendition of “Santa Baby.” Aretha Franklin, sporting the latest in headwear, opened with “Joy to the World.”

Videos via A3 Urban Music

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  1. M!ke

    oh LORD! Aretha come on now


  2. Marcus

    At least Aretha losing weight, and the reason she got her head wrap up is that it helps keep her vocal chords warm hence the amazing vocal performance that just went down… wtf at Alicia’s shit and i didn’t even listen to the Shakira jawn.


  3. Giselle

    The REAL Queen!


  4. Didn'tExpectThat

    Wow at Shakira’s last note! I had no idea she could sing like that. I don’t like Jazz though.

    Aretha killed her performance!

    AK had a good vocal performance, but it was dull.


  5. ryan

    what is arethra wearing…. fur is for animals, not people. her voice is amazing, if only her clothes were the same…

    ak and shakira were great!


  6. McCarraight

    Shakira is amazing!


  7. Rell

    Sorry Ms. Keys was dull Aretha was lip singing and the fur coat omg! Aretha is the queen of soul but doesn’t have it like she use to. Shakira was the best and the other lady can’t remember her name was to.


  8. Stephen, vocals, The sbP

    Alicia, Aretha, Shakira….O WELL! Its all about my Church Choir TOTAL PRAISE!!!! Just kidding.. well.. not really! Congrats to Pastor Haye and my TP family.


  9. Catie

    Shakira’s performance was the only one that was entertaining.


  10. Mojang

    All eyes have always been on Africa still are! As of all the good hip-hop funonicts that never ended in violence this one should really go down in history as a Fresh Fest-ivity soccer games have a reputation of being the most violent sporting events you can attend these days let’s keep pickin’ fro’s not fights!


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