New Music: Eminem – ‘Elevator’ + ‘Buffalo Bill’


Eminem doles out two new tracks from Relapse: Refill, the re-release of his sixth studio album, which will contain seven bonus songs when it’s released on December 21. Em reflects on his rise to the top on “Elevator” and issues a warning on “Buffalo Bill.”

Download: “Elevator” | “Buffalo Bill”

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  1. Quilt

    Elevator chorus sounds like a slim shady lp type of track (well not referring to the lyrics)


  2. wow...elevator chorus smh

    this is what many fans were expecting. emotional driven music…wow buffalo bill he shows why he is indeed a hot spitter than anyone out right now. biggie would have been a huge fan.


  3. Giselle

    Em!!! He never let us (fans) down!


  4. amanda

    Elevator sounds like Ems old shit.. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!

    Buffalo Bill.. smfh what the fuck.


  5. Bohemia Cannabia

    This shit is live as fuck. Em’ back on his shit, im lovin the whole buffalo bill murder theme.


  6. wiseblackdude

    The rest of the album has leaked. (well, the new songs lol)


  7. Catie

    Loves it! “Elevator” definitely reminds me of the “Slim Shady LP” era.


  8. shu

    The best rapper alive!!! No one does it like him! no words…


  9. coraleoun

    woooww Em’ killes it again


  10. davidf



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