New Music: Lil Wayne – ‘On Fire’ [CDQ]

On Fire

Somebody call 911. Weezy “Fireman” Baby is burning up on one of two new singles from his rap-rock project Rebirth (Dec. 21). The Cool & Dre production samples Amy Holland’s “She’s on Fire” from the Scarface soundtrack.

Download: Lil Wayne – “On Fire” [CDQ]

Audio source: dajaz1

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  1. yuri

    this song is fire, im hopeful for Rebirth now after hearing this, its a lot better than prom queen, its more like rap metal, well done weezy, this single is gonna go platinum in a week


  2. Word?

    What an Ug Mug…welp that ug mug is Do ya’ think weezy.


  3. Catie

    I’m really liking this, i hope the whole album is like this.


  4. The Truth

    That cover is disgusting, he looks like a dike.


    Concerned listener Reply:

    @The Truth, Lol, he def look like a stud u’d see shopping at H&M.


  5. nik

    this song is actually pretty nice !!!!!!!!!!
    i hope “da da da” will have more lyrics to it though.. “on fire” is more of a beat track


  6. Quilt

    the sample, the beat – cool n dre did a good job!

    i’m off to watch scarface now..


  7. augie

    this joint is hot


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