Pleasure P Calls Molestation Rumors ‘Disgusting’

Pleasure P

The Internet has been abuzz with rumors that Pleasure P was convicted of child molestation in 2006. The former Pretty Ricky member has issued a statement via his attorney, calling the accusations “disgusting and vile.”

“All of the recent rumors and accusations that are being circulated about me are 100% false. They are disgusting and vile; and they are being spread by individuals with their own sick agendas. The purported documents that are also being circulated are forgeries. I have never met or known anyone by the name of ‘AGoldstein’ or Laura Goldstein or Ashley Goldstein, which I believe are fictitious names. I have never been represented by an attorney named Goldstein. For someone to go to such depths to assassinate my character and slander my good name is truly criminal. My attorneys are investigating this matter and will take all necessary and appropriate action to protect my name and reputation.”

The R&B singer, born Marcus Cooper, was nominated in three categories at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards, including Best Male R&B Vocal Performance, Best R&B Song, and Best Contemporary R&B Album.

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  1. briana

    well the truth will surface sooner than later. hope he is telling the truth .


  2. Tastie

    i hope that it’s a no for his sake. If it is true, he needs to be tortured in a sexual way that way he could see how it feels to be helpless and scared..


  3. SoWait

    Well this girl ( says her dad represented him in the case and has uploaded official court documents to her twitter showing dude in the lurch for child molestation. Pretty shameful damn.


  4. javonscott

    Whoever started this rumor has no life..


  5. Val

    Its hard to believe- the age is off- she said it happened when he was 17- and that was 4 years ago- that would make him only 21 now- when he’s 24 AND- the document looks forged and unreal- normally an official court paper would be typed since the court reporter is there typing everything that is said- his name was written in.. when THAT is usually typed in and unable to be altered. Just seems like a big disgusting lie- on the heels of his new album being released and his grammy nod- maybe she is jealous- because why would someone go to such extreme measures to ruin her dads career and have him disbarred- no one would be willing to work with that lawyer anymore.. since he or his ASSISTANT cant hold water.
    She damn sure did assist him…. in getting disbarred- lol


    112 Reply:

    @Val, seems fake to me also why would you release something like this anyone on twitter?


  6. AAA

    That’s kinda crazy , I hope these acuations aren’t true


  7. bijan

    shit. even if it’s false, these rumors are NOT good for his career.


  8. KNUCK

    no shade, but he could molest me just a little bit…


  9. Jennifer

    Man if this stuff proves to be false his career still hits a standstill and its going to be hard as h3ll to bounce back…People just have to much time on their hands…I just hope its not true….What you do in the dark come out in the light….:-/


  10. UserQQQQ

    what is everyone here 7 years old? have you never heard a rumor before? what’s all this “well, IF it’s true then..” nonsense. I mean come on do you all believe that Rod Stewart once blew so many man he had to have his stomach pumped as well? (Link). It’s not as if there’s in a hint of validity to this story. It was leaked on twitter? and noone is confirming these documents. I really have no idea who pleasure p is but anyone who spends more then the 3 seconds (it took for this page to load and read the article) actually thinking about believing this nonsense is an idiot.


  11. Tee

    I think it was started by Pretty Ricky, they mad cause he is becoming more successful than they are, grammy nods already, they jealous!


    Shakira Reply:

    @Tee, I believe they jealous too. They just liing. They need to leave him along.


  12. Игорь

    В правильном направлении мыслите. Побольше бы таких постов.


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