The-Dream Outraged Over Grammy Snub


The-Dream’s sophomore album became an instant favorite among R&B fans when it was released earlier this year, but it was noticeably absent from the nominations for the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards. The hitmaker is not holding back his anger over the shutout.

Love vs. Money was released in March and went on to produce the hit singles “Rockin’ That Thang,” “My Love,” and “Walkin’ on the Moon.” But the man who scored songwriting nods for BeyoncĂ©’s Song of the Year-nominated “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It),” is not pleased about being left out of all Grammy categories for the second year in a row (His debut album Lovehate was also excluded). He took to Twitter to vent his frustrations.


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  1. Sugar Rush

    Im more pissed of Whitney and Chrisette didn’t get a nomination…. now i see why Kanye says the things he says.


  2. ciaramedlies

    amen, go Ciara!


  3. Joyams

    That’s a shame, for real.


  4. OJcris44

    I think its label related since none of the def jam artists including kanye really got nominated for their own work.


  5. listen

    go Jazmine!


  6. Pucci

    I agree, The-Dream should’ve got something… but the truth is, mainstream america doesn’t really recognize r&b music, at least not like they use to.


  7. YadaYada

    First off, The-Dream album was wack as hell, so idk why he pissed. He had 3 good songs on there.

    Second,I agree “Sugar Rush” Chrissette Michelle should of got a nomination.

    However, i do agree with The-Dream twitter when he said “the best albums didn’t get a grammy nod”


  8. Pucci

    and to the first comment, i agree chrisette should’ve gotten a nomination, even whitney houston. I didnt like her album myself, but a lot of ppl did & it was critically acclaimed too.


  9. Mark

    he wants a grammy nom for his recycled beats? bitch sit down and learn to type.


    UserQQQQ Reply:

    i can respect his anger. Even if I don’t care. and I actually respect his typing, have you read anything Kanye West types? I mean the first key he must hit on any keyboard is the caps lock. At least Dream’s stuff is readable.


  10. H!TTTTT

    Yeah basically he was snubbed. He may not have the best voice, but his songwriting and production is AMAZING! He has some better written songs than Single Ladies on his OWN album. Grammys SUCK! It seems like they only wanna really recognize Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift this year as if there was no other good music. SMH


  11. Giselle

    The Dream has a right to pissed off. They nominated Pleasure P, of all people, him? At least Dream’s album went Gold and actually had some hits on it. Like I said in a previous post, Grammys doesn’t know real music anymore. They only nominated commerical artist which is sad. Whitney Houston was snubbed with out a doubt also Chrisette Michele, and Neyo. But….whatever.


    Rap* Reply:


    So u consider songs like sweat it out and rockin that shit to be real music?

    + Lets be real, he cant sing.


  12. jorge

    please why he being a girl dude shit yo ass down and take it like man. all he sounds like is a fagg complaining. ether way if you should have or shouldn’t have been nominated dont go acting all crazy. your album was just ok dude


    joyams Reply:

    @jorge, Shut up, it’s his right to be angry, without being a fagg, he’s hittin christina millian while you’re typin about him, you dumbass


  13. mrbaxter83

    Debut was bangin’, sophomore album sucked real hard. Stop crying and do good music instead


  14. yeah

    lmao i’d be mad too if keri wilson got a nomination before me. lmao


  15. UserQQQQ

    someone teach that man how to use twitwall or something. I mean seriously there’s a reason it’s called a ‘micro’ blogging service. Emphasis on the micro. If you’re going to go over 140 characters you might as well use twitwall


  16. ...

    Well, he got a lot of nominations for writing the Beyonce track and that’s a lot more than most people got. Just be grateful that you’re nominated for Song of the Year, dude.


  17. K4kenzo

    a grammy ? for the Dream ? sorry but he’s not grammy worthy . his music is alright but nothing else really so he can cry over a grammy till the cows turn pink :-o . Whitney deserves a grammy


  18. Reed

    So I guess Dream is mad because he didn’t get into Best Contemporary R&b Album, because I KNOW he didn’t think he was getting into Best Male R&b Vocal.

    So the nominees are Beyonce, Jamie Foxx, Trey Songz, Pleasure P and T-Pain. He might have a reason to be mad about T-Pain but sorry Dream, Beyonce Jamie Trey and Pleasure P all made better albums than you and deserved their nominations


  19. Mike

    He definetely deserve a Grammy! He is very good writer and producer, cool song ! :}


  20. girlygirl.

    he deserves a nomination!!!!


  21. An0thrDream

    I agree 100% w/dream!!!!!!!!!!

    He deserves an award and AT LEAST a few nominations!!

    He’s not getting the credit he deserves, he’s one of the most artistically creative artsits out there. His songs are all over radio! He’s one of the worlds greatest songwriters, and continues to improve the sound of music. c’mon grammys….


  22. queen beyonce

    he needs to keep it humble & actually he did get nominated for his song writing & producing isnt that good enough for him?? I did luv his album though!


  23. Dillon_68

    Im pissed too, Love Vs. Money IS the best R&B album of the year, while the Blueprint 3 is the best Hip-Hop Album. Dream’s album sold more than most of the other nominees in that category, thats what f’d up!


  24. nikeboy1988

    I agree with the DREAN- everyone comes to him for production and writing credits- but no one recognizes him for his singing talent.

    I don’t listen t his music- but he has changed the sound of music with his production and songwriting ability. Most songs he does for others are hits.

    I think he should just stay in the background- he probably makes more money with that. But if he wants to be recognized as an artist, try harder to work on his sound and focus on himself. We should give him a chance


  25. sean

    What the fuck is up with “artists” crying and bitching and throwing tantrums over awards?!

    They live in the best houses, eat the best food, drink the best drank, drive the best cars, and have the best sex. They get paid incredible amounts of money to PLAY… and that’s not enough for them.

    The reward is being able to do what you love and make a (great) living off of it.

    The Hamburglar – I mean The Dream – can’t even sing anyway. With his whiny wailing ass…


  26. BV

    anyone who is hating on the DREAM for real doesn’t even know music. his vocal range is limited compared to some R&B singers, but that has not stopped them nominating t-pain, madonna etc. pleasure p? are u kidding me? this shit is a joke. grammys are weak this year for real. shit they do doesn’t even make sense. look at some of the nominations its fucking rediculous. RADIO KILLA. no worries DREAM just stop written everyone elses hits and let em try and make a record on their own, Dream wrote tons of joints for Jamie, Beyonce who all got nods. fucked up. RADIO KILLA . DREAM best R&B aritist out. but hey , 2pac has never won a grammy, that will show u what they fucking know. NOTHING.


  27. jessicarabbitszs

    Grammy’s are a joke.

    Chrisette Michelle (her album was great), Amerie (“Why R U” is near perfect), Solange (her album was great and was never nominated), Wale (“Chillin” should have been nominated for something), and Raekwon weren’t nominated for anything yet The-Dream was nominated for Song and Record of the Year, he needs to stop his bitching at least he got some accolades.


  28. bodacious



  29. Cameo

    I understand his anger. But his album was not good. Im upset that Kings of Leon and Miley Cirus were on the Grammys too. If they win it will be a dying industry. But really it wasn’t a good album. Sorry….A lot of artists didn’t get a nom that they should have… Amerie for instance. Then Taylor Swift… You know i LIke her but Im sick of her it wasn’t that good of an album…it was ok… but not this many grammys for noms.


  30. Cameo

    Oh and I hope Run This Town Wins both :)


  31. Unk

    He has the right to complain everybody and they mom in the industry pop/hip hop/r&b some artists that are irrelevant he brought them back or a new artists everybody’s darlings beyonce,rihanna basically him,neyo,garrett,keri hilson have been dominating the game for awhile most people don’t give them their props.


  32. bijan

    i wish he’d stop whining. his album was boring


  33. dc84

    Maybe someone should tell him to write some inspired music. Walkin on the Moon and Rockin that Thang were alright, but you won’t remember them in 2 or 3 years.

    Maxwell should’ve gotten maybe 2 fewer nods, which could’ve gone to Chrisette.


  34. Lorin

    Obviously the Dream is a songwriter for other people. You aren’t a singer persay. and your first album was better than the second one, which had hits but nothing like Blame It or whatever Beyonce had out so really stop trippin


  35. Kyle

    I can’t see a “Album of the Year” nomination, but after reading his frustrations I think he should’ve received a “Best Contemporary R&B album” nomination. That does suck for him. But maybe that says something about Def Jam Records as a whole. A lot of Def Jam artists with major releases this year got NO Grammy recognition.


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