New Music: Lil Wayne – ‘Da Da Da’

Da Da Da

“Give me that monkey, that funky monkey!” Lil Wayne commands on the bass-heavy “Da Da Da.” The second of two new singles from December 21st’s Rebirth leans more on the rock side. It was produced by Cool & Dre, who also helmed the Scarface-sampled “On Fire.”

Download: Lil Wayne – “Da Da Da”

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  1. Mariela Castillo Cota

    I don’t like it


  2. aton88

    Uhhh, that “On Fire” song is the only halfway decent song I’ve heard from this project.


  3. LOL

    the rap on the second makes the entire song. rebirth is looking better and better


  4. Mii

    I Like It


    stefan Reply:

    @Mii, because of people like you hip hop is dead..i see yu dont know anything about hip hop……this is hot trash……


  5. Mii

    Its Cool


  6. king

    We need the old Wayne back


  7. frenchie

    ok, i know my english isn’t perfect but i really don’t understand the lyrics, the music is ok but can someone tell me what wayne talk about on this track please?


  8. Dillon_68

    Ummm…On Fire is FIRE, this is…uhh….


  9. Joyams

    Hopefully he’s rapping on the second part. I’m a big lil wayne fan but this is not awesome. Too much voice modification.


  10. biggs50

    @ frencie

    what an ass….you cant understand what he’s sayin…but u love it..

    this is shit…red beans shit


  11. alex

    so fa desse cara


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