New Music: Trey Songz f/ Usher & Keri Hilson – ‘I Invented Sex (Remix)’

Trey Songz, Keri Hilson, and Usher

Trey Songz reinvents “Sex” with the help of Usher and Keri Hilson. Trey sings about going in like a “Tiger Woods putt” and a “Lil Wayne-Drake song” on the remix to his latest single. He will release Up Close & Ready, an EP containing live renditions of his greatest hits, exclusively to iTunes tomorrow.

Download: Trey Songz f/ Usher & Keri Hilson – “I Invented Sex (Remix)”

Audio source: YK2Daily

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  1. Ghetto Fab

    Oh shit. This remix is fyaaaaah! Both Usher + Keri added something special. RNB IS BACK PEOPLE!


  2. Philly11



  3. Giselle

    Don’t like Trey, but Keri and Usher made me love this song.


  4. nikeboy1988

    yes this is soo hot…. soo good. I’m glad Usher is back… and Trey is helping him out. Usher needs to rule the charts again.


  5. laos

    Love this shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. ...

    Trey Songz has greatest hits?


    javonscott Reply:

    @…, lol i was just thinkinq that. his new album be that shit though..


    dan Reply:

    @…, yes, his hits are “sex”, “sex me”, “sex sex”, “sex part 2″, “menage a trois” and “sex sex sex”


    ugh Reply:

    @dan, dan those are like his best songs, you must be a huge fan to know them all off by heart


  7. jessef

    i love them alll.. there all my favs


  8. C.

    I don’t like the original, but now that Ush AKA the King of R&b has come on it, he mad it hot! Keri freaky ass did the damn thing too.


  9. stan

    keri hilson baddest bitch in the game beyonce wont be on top too much longer bye bye bee


  10. tonni

    keri hilson is stepping up her game she is so talented she can dance sing write all the qualities of a real r&b artist her future will be very bright and her concerts are hotttttttttt hope she does a dvd on her next album this chic iss bad like mj no lie she is already on mj’s level so haters fall back she is killin ciara rihanna and beyonce and i hope she wins a grammy she already won a mobo award bet award and 2 soul train awards good year keri!!!!!!!!


  11. mark

    keri is bringing the 90′s music back gotta give her props for making real meanimgful music and she got the haters going crazy keep killin them this chic has toooooooooo much swag and she does remind u of mj because shes a tomboy just watch how she moves on stage im lovin her 4 life team keri stand up!!!!!!!!!!


  12. Catie

    I agree with mostly everyone, Usher + Keri made this song worth listening to.


  13. miss lady

    i havent heard the song yet but i bet its hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. billie

    haha dis is the shit but the only thang is dat it dnt let yu watch it at xcoo :(


  15. miss lady

    i never knew that keri and trey were freaks they performed that song and he grabbed her but and she loved it ok auntie i feel it


  16. shadi

    0h shit trey I love ur voice man,u make me to love RNB & I don’t do rnb but because of u bbe….I go for RNB…man usher u fucken hot bbe….keri bbe I want you to meet my bra bbe…trey I love u hun!lol I love u more than ur tracks…


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