Kelis’ New Album Will Make You Sweat


These days, Kelis is pulling double duty as a new mother and veteran songstress. With her four-month old infant Knight in tow, the 30-year-old Harlem native is stepping back in the booth for her fifth album. Only this time, she’s talking about life’s intricacies rather than her “milkshake.”

Her first single, the techno-infused “Acapella,” is replete with personal and uplifting sentiments. “It’s about my son, it’s about the love of God,” she reveals to “It’s kinda about the power of life, really.” David Guetta, the track’s producer, initially approached Kelis for another project. “He wanted me to be a part of his record, [One Love], and it just didn’t end up working out,” says Kelis. “Then I fell in love with some tracks that he had sent me. I ended up writing ['Acapella'] for my album.”

Though she’s the sole star shining with no guest appearances yet to speak of, Kelis did tap several well-respected producers to round out her fifth opus. “I worked with Boys Noize, Jean Baptiste, Diplo and Switch, Burnz, [and] this cat named Replay,” she states. “I have a nice, eclectic group of guys there.”

One song to look forward to is the Jean Baptiste-produced record “Carefree Americans.” According to Kelis, “super-size me” is the motto of the nation. “It’s kinda like the back and forth between what we know that’s wrong with Americans and being in America, yet the things we love about it,” she continues, “and at the end of the day we don’t really sacrifice that much. I put myself in it as well; we are Americans and we like everything super-sized.”

For an album housing tunes designed for the dance floor, fans are guaranteed to perspire. “It’s an album you can get sweaty to,” Kelis says with a laugh. “[The album is] called Fleshtones. But don’t hold me to that. I’ve been feeling animalistic and kind of carnal in my approach to things lately. It sort of seems fit.”

Kelis’ tentatively titled fifth album, Fleshtones, is set for a spring 2010 release.

–Georgette Cline

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  1. mr Awesome

    She’s just awesome
    best between the very best


  2. dr

    WAIT IS OVA!!!!


  3. MyNailsStayDoneBitch

    I LOVE KELIS! However, that tentative album name is not the business. She’d come off better naming it “Acapella” that “Fleshtones”. That sounds to dark & goth rather than dance. Oh well, HARLEM!!!


  4. AshantiFAN

    omg i can’t wait i just love this woman. . she always brings it &&& yes rihanna will copy her on her next future flop anyway Queen Kelis is back and its about to snatch some wigs
    Get em’ gurl


  5. Concerned listener

    I can’t wait for another helping of Kelis, she always comes with something new and different, can’t wait!!!


  6. Ghetto Starrr

    Sorry not digging the song at all and I love just about everything David Guetta produces. She needs to get back with Pharell I miss them and their old stuff



    Shes back and shes about to show these wack girls that she is the baddest!


  8. Hautmess

    shes always on game! love this bitch


  9. LaLa Nicole

    Yes! Go Kelis! I will always be a supporting fan! Can’t wait for the album!


  10. Jay

    @MyNailsStayDoneBitch, I mean what’s wrong with something being dark and goth and the title doesn’t even sound dark or goth. Maybe your description of dark or goth is misconstrued. If it does who cares but I do agree with you, Fleshtones isn’t a great title, but not because of the reason you gave, it just doesn’t pop.


  11. Marcus

    I wish she would get back with the Neptunes too. They brought the best out of her. Kaleidoscope and Wanderland were her two best albums….but I love anything she does regardless.


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