Susan Boyle Still No. 1, R. Kelly’s ‘Untitled’ Debuts in Top 5

R. Kelly

Susan Boyle continued her dominance over the charts this week, while R. Kelly went nine for nine with his latest album Untitled.

Last week’s chart-topper, “Britain’s Got Talent” runner-up Susan Boyle, holds strong at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, moving 527,000 copies of her debut I Dreamed a Dream and pushing her U.S. sales past the platinum mark in just two weeks.

The Pied Piper of R&B’s first album in over two years Untitled debuts at No. 4, selling 114,000 in its first week. According to Billboard, this is Kellz’ ninth solo studio album to reach the top four.

Elsewhere in the top 10, Lady Gaga moves up to No. 5 with her breakthrough The Fame (84,000), while her eight-track EP The Fame Monster drops to No. 13 in its second week (65,000).

Rihanna’s Rated R slips 10 spots to No. 14 (59,000), Shakira’s She Wolf falls 13 spots to No. 28 (37,000), and 50 Cent’s Before I Self Destruct tumbles 16 spots to No. 35 (30,000).

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  1. Carl

    Wow that susan granny is slaying our faves! LOL.


  2. Bibi




  3. Catie

    Wow, i didn’t expect Rihanna’s album to drop down on the charts so soon.

    I am not surprised 50′s album is a diasaster, i called that months ago.


  4. young black and gifted

    Wow. susan tops the chart and the second comment on here is about gaga and rihanna who both droped hard.


  5. young black and gifted

    65k and 59k is good. not great just good but 500k is amazing so people talk about the talkable and give praise to susan. and get ur tongues outta the asses of gaga and rihanna. they aint god.


    wtf Reply:

    @young black and gifted, dumbass..stop putting gaga and rihanna in the same total gaga moved about 140k on her second compared to 59k…Rihanna = flop…it was actually 53k but somehow everytime it gets to billboard they push her sales up…but regardless boyle is slaying people left right and center..go boyle…


    young black and gifted Reply:

    @wtf, i dont insult, people that often and i wont u. Gaga has two albums to pull 140k rihanna has one. not that im saying she could have done better im just saying. 65k and 59k is good, can u do better? funny how u are determine to put rihanna down even going as far as finding out how much she really sold and between the two figures u belief the least. y? and y u care about a floped artist so much? go susan!!


  6. Giselle

    Susan is still snatching people’s wigs, my God. 1.2 million in two weeks? Amazing.


  7. Sunny

    I’ve actually never heard a susan boyle song, but i hear her voice is great. I’m happy for her; she proved that just because she doesn’t fit the mold your average celebrity, she is still a success story.

    Also, everybody needs to chill with calling people flops. Just cuz rihanna didn’t sell as much as she did with good girl gone bad don’t mean she made bad music. The climate of the music industry is in a strange place right now. You have to make really poppy songs that you might not even like in order to be famous and a success. Rihanna made an album she WANTED to make, and when artists do that, they always shine through musically. Personally, i think Rated R is a decent album. Not fantastic, but again she made the album more for herself than for anyone else. Everyone is so concerned with sales that they are taking the fun and beauty out of music. JUST CHILL OUT!


  8. yeah

    wow susan freakin boyle

    ogh well next time rihanna


  9. Erica

    Sunny I could not agree more well said!!


  10. SG

    “Flop” is kind of a harsh term for a second-week pop album in a bad economic climate AND singles era.

    Forget about Gaga and Rihanna and even R. Kelly: the big story here is that Susan Boyle has blown everyone out of the water. The truth is, the album buying public represents an older demographic.

    The teen and young adult crowd are buying less and less albums — someone as monstrous as Gaga or Rihanna would’ve sold hundreds of thousands more if this was 2000 (Remember NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, other top pop acts anyone?).

    The truth is, the younger crowd won’t be lured in to buy the album until it is an established hit. And even then, Rihanna and Gaga will probably never surpass the likes of Boyle.

    We live in a singles-world now. Ask why Flo-Rida and Sean Kingston still have careers; because it’s no longer about selling the album, but about selling the singles. If you can do that, your album sales are close to irrelevant.

    Kudos to Boyle, though.


  11. Inti

    I love u RiRi….fuk! haters!!! =]


  12. RIP

    Loved Ridanna but I bought her CD & I’m sadly disappointed.
    There’s only 3 really good songs (3. Hard, 6. Russian Roulette and 12. Cold Case Love). The rest are track filler like songs talking about swag and and being overdramatic (2. Wait Your Turn, 4. Stupid in Love, 5. Rockstar 101, etc.) If your a die hard fan you’ll probably like it, but if like I (a person who fell whim to the hype) save your money for something useful like Susan Boyale.


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