Chris Brown Rates Hip-Hop’s Hotties

Chris Brown ranks some of music’s hottest women with Funkmaster Flex. Cassie, Amerie, Trina, Keri Hilson, Lil’ Kim, Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, and Nicki Minaj get graded on a 1-10 scale. Find out which shawty is (almost) a 10.

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  1. Anon

    How dare this slow, woman beating, musty chipmunk looking boy give Amerie a 6, whilst giving broads like Amber rose, Lil Kim (plastic surgery), trina & nicki minaj higher scores.


    j Reply:

    @Anon, its an opinion you idiot, but i disagree with him

    Come on Kim Kardashian a 7?!?!?!?!? Shes got boobs, ass, body, and face

    nicki minaj isnt that hot

    he rated em all on swag, wtf


    NoYouPutYourNameHere Reply:

    @j, maybe he realised Lil’ Kim might be brought up and he didn’t want to call her ugly. LOL Only joking, but different people like different things in their partners. Nothing wrong with it at all!

    eg. IN GENERAL, whites like whites, blacks like blacks, Asians like Asians… ect.


    yaya Reply:

    @Anon, exactly


  2. g

    How about Rihanna? haha


    vox populi Reply:

    He better be glad they didn’t even mention her. After all, meant to be moving on. I agree with anon though. You’re gonna give Amerie a lower score than Trina, Lil Kim(wtf), Amber Rose, and Kim K, Nicki Minaj most of whom have some silicone in their bodies or are famous… or infamous for no what plausible reason?
    It’s his opinion though and he’s entitled to that but hmm…


  3. Яogelio Samaniego

    chris borwn
    desde que golpeo a rihanna es nada
    y tiene buena musica el chavo


  4. Dayum!

    The guy to the right in the gray pants has sweaty balls! He’s at the end of the video. Chris made him sweat


  5. jDD

    flex was like kim k a 7? why so low lol
    kim k atleast in the upper 8-9 range ya digg


  6. ...

    amerie a 6?

    *bewildered expression*


  7. Dillon_68

    Yeah, Amerie sh**s on all of them, with her fine self!


  8. alicia's a homewrecker

    thats cause he faggot


  9. Dominicano

    Amerie a 6??? Are you serious???? She’s beyond a 10!! I personally think he like lighter women besides brown/dark skin women..smh.


  10. mad

    wow out of all the gilrs he named amerie the second ugliest, first lil kim

    i mean she aint ugly but with those choices….


  11. jessicarabbitszs

    He is such a douchebag, why do his stans act like he’s such a saint??

    Most of the women he rated higher than her are skanky messes.

    Secondly, why is a guy who is a convicted felon for beating up a woman asked to “rate women on a scale from 1-10?” His PR people are idiots.


  12. Shhhhhh

    That’s his opinion, everyone don’t think alikeor like the same type of woman. All the celebrities go through the same types of questions look it up stupid assholes..


    Dominicano Reply:

    @Shhhhhh, Shut yo ass kisser ass up!


  13. WISE 1

    Amerie deserve a 7 but Nicki minaj should be a 3


  14. dan

    funny shit….


  15. joey

    i wonder how much he would give rihanna? stfu chris ur nasty. u aint got now SWAG.


  16. aton

    Amerie a 6?
    Kim Kardashian a 7?

    Wow…really? This just made my day!


  17. sara

    is he really rating women on a scale of 1-10? this is why i hate chris brown. no respect for women. total ***hole.


  18. touche

    how is this lil light skin coon gonna give the goddess, amerie, a damn 6?! and to say she doesn’t have swag on top of it?! amerie has more swag than 90% of the other ladies on that list. reminds me of aaliyah. that smart, quiet, sex appeal.


  19. Carl

    What a prick.


  20. G...

    You have got to be kiding me(bored face)….This says alot about Chris Browns taste, they say you are what you like. (shaking my head incredibly hard).


  21. Amélie Lebughe

    Keri Hilson deserves a 10 she’s the best !!
    amerie should have 8


  22. girlygirl.

    Cassie is the baddast!


  23. TQueezy

    he rated dem on swag because he actually got to meet & talk to dem not jus see pictures n shit


  24. for real

    very stupid interview / how come did he accept to answer that after his allegations. He s very dumb, not enough respect for women. He can sing but that s it. He s not that interesting. Next.


  25. BV

    yea that was fucking stupid to do, he should have just said they all 10′s and smiled or someshit, but that was a dumb interview for REAL. i dont feel anyone would answer that honestly when u famous like that. and esp after what just happen with him, that was JUST STUPID SHIT MAN.


  26. SAGB

    i give cassie & Beyonce a 10….the rest they aights


  27. jenn

    this was only part of the interview..its not a big deal lol..its his opinion..smh..


  28. Kevin

    Fool please! Amerie a 6/10!? He’s entitled to his opinion but we know that don’t fly. Even if you’re not a fan of her music we all know Amerie is fine as hell! Amerie’s got swagg for days too I don’t know what he was talking about. And Keri Hilson is more like a 10 not an 8 she know she baaaadddd


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