Lil Wayne’s ‘Rebirth’ Accidentally Ships


Lil Wayne fans who pre-ordered Rebirth are getting an early Christmas gift. Although the album has been delayed until 2010, it showed up in the mailbox of about 500 Amazon customers this week.

According to Billboard, the online retailer shipped copies of Wayne’s rock album to some customers who pre-ordered it. The album began arriving on Monday, December 14.

Around one million units were reportedly manufactured and about one-third were already shipped to retailers when the decision was made to delay Rebirth. The album has been pushed back from December 21 to February 1 to allow for a proper set-up. Sources tell Billboard that Wayne may change the final tracklisting due to the leak.

Some songs from the oft-delayed project have already hit the net including “On Fire,” “Da Da Da,” and the Eminem collaboration “Drop the World.”

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  1. syff

    OMG lucky bastards!


  2. laos

    im sure someone will upload it!
    so in a few days everyone will have it


  3. ugh

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! THIS IS TOO GREAT! thats what he gets for delaying this shitty album about 100 times. HAVE FUN IN JAIL! dont drop the soap HAHAHA



    already been uploaded!! here in the uk, 5 websites have it online! including the young money album.


  5. Flyboul

    I got both, had them since lastnight they leaked online. I like waynes album better than young money’s though!


  6. YoMommaMan

    hahaha i work at best buy watch me go into work later today and receive both albums since thats what im in charge of doin lol


  7. Shira Erling

    I simply can not come across a place here to order a subscribtion to “Letters in the Mail” for just a reward or two and also for myself.
    It sounds like a wonderful idea and several of my pals will likely be delighted to receive letters in the mail….


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