Video: Chris Brown’s Michael Jackson Tribute

Chris Brown performed a thrilling tribute to Michael Jackson during the last show of his “Fan Appreciation” tour at the NOKIA Theatre Times Square in NYC on Tuesday (Dec. 15). This is why he should have been at the BET Awards.

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  1. wtf

    you got that right…kid has got it and he aint going nowhere…heard everybody had a fucken ball at the concert…yep cant hold him down even if u tried!!! holla!!!


  2. Bark + Bite

    Eh. He can keep that. Vocally it beyond underwhelming. It all felt like a high school talent show tribute to MJ.


    wtf Reply:

    @Bark + Bite, lol, dumb hater..breezy aint going no where so deal with it..everybody who went had an amazing time but u are here hating?? smh…get lost!!!


  3. wtf

    i said, kid has got it…cant hold him down even if u tried..teambreezy..holla!!! get on board or get lost!!



    Get em’ Chris……Love that BOY ! ! ! !


  5. javonscott

    it’s sad ppl. wont buy his’s really qreat.


  6. say what!!

    go breezy go breezy GOO yep he own that one


  7. will

    I dare the average dancer to do a spin like that without falling or losing balance. CB is the closest talent to MJ. I was suprised to hear that his album tanked, its a shame. But there is definately walmart and other stores for not stocking his cds. It should have done some good numbers.


  8. JRJRbaby

    everyone on this board is a poor judge of talent if they think that was anything close to michael jackson. Chris backs away from the mic for all of the high notes! and theres a complete backing track on all the parts where he does actually sing. there are thousands of people out there that could have pulled that off.


  9. dr

    his album may be good but im tired of him tryn 2 be mike its annoying…


  10. Catastrophe

    He can try to be Michael Jackson, but he will never come close. He’s a phenomenal dancer, but it’s not just about the dance or the voice. Michael had this essence to him that not too many people have. Michael also would never put his hands on a woman, he knew better. The fact that his album flopped is because people may still like his music, but you can’t respect a BOY who only cares about himself and his image.


  11. amy

    umm..who said he is tryn to be like mike?

    he is doin a no-one can forget him..

    that isnt tryn to be like him..his just keepin his memory alive.

    fuck u people r stupid.


  12. A Disappointed Fan...

    The ONLY reason i am upset at Chris is because I feel like he didnt give his all at the Fort Lauderdale concert on 11/29/09. I feel like he just did “whatever” and left- no MJ tribute- no new songs from the album just the nwe singles. I heard Chris sang “I’ll Go” at another concert- the best track from Graffiti- but not at Fort Lauderdale. I’m disappointed to see he can perform better and do more things at other venues- but when it comes to Fort Lauderdale he treats it as if its just another “thing” to do on a stop to better concerts and city tours. I’m really upset and disappointed. I wanted a Michael tribute- i remember saying that!
    I wanted newer songs-

    I cant take Chris any longer. He messed up his career- I used to believe in him- and then he ranted against Wal-Mart and complained. Where is his PR team? Then he closed down Twitter- which he should have done a long time ago. Chris still acts like an arrogant jackass, and I’m tired of defending someone who doesnt want to better themselves as a person. Chris twitter rant showed that. He is playing right into their hands, giving them what they want- Chris Brown’s downfall. Chris will NEVER recover- he is finished. And I feel really bad for him. This is one of his last performances- its back to the real world now….. I’m trashing my Graffiti cd- his best cd yet- because I can’t fight for him anymore. He’s hurting himself- watching Chris crash and burn is so aweful. Chris is so talented.



    omarion who? trey songz? usher who?


  14. monica

    that was nice, michael would have appreciated it. chris was feelin the music. why does it always have to be chris is trying to be michael…chris looked up to him, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be LIKE the best entertainer of all time.

    keep MJ memory alive…RIP


  15. xox

    wattttt do you chris dnt let the haters get 2 u keep your head high


  16. xoxo

    chris is just a matter of time before you make it again am proud of you
    love you chris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  17. Amélie Lebughe

    I totally agree with you monica


  18. E-ROC

    People get over yourselves, honestly if you don’t like him why even waste your time and ours (fans) posting your unwanted comments. Further, Chris has always maintained from day one (@15years old) that he is not trying to take MJ’s place, that rumor was started by artist who feal THREATENED by his supreme talent. He (Breezy) has instead and always has shown his appreciation and influence by MJ and he does a DAMN GOOD JOB doing so.


    arie Reply:

    @E-ROC, I so agree with you, you said it perfectly.


  19. Quilt

    Every award show (which included a MJ Tribute) I watched, I was thinking where the hell is Chris Brown. His talent speaks for itself.


  20. arie

    Damn haters when is it going to end, it’s coming up on a new years and yall still don’t have a life. He is not trying to be like Mike, he is just doing a tribute to him, are yall that fucking dumb that yall don’t know the difference? Yall are so pathetic, it’s ridiculous. MJ would have been proud of Chris, this young man is very talented, and the haters can’t stand it because they are not doing anything with their lives. Yet you don’t like him, but you still have time to go on his sites and post hateful comments. You try and talk bad about him. Yall are the ignorant ones to give somebody you claim to hate so much of your energy. I know it’s alot of working people, people that are in school, or people that do both, wish they had alot of time on their hands such as you haters that don’t do anything. I hope Chris continues to do what he is doing, rather you haters like it or not, this is a talented young man. Keep on pushing Chris, I am pulling for you.


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